Saturday, November 20, 2010

Angel Tree

It's a small thing but happy to say that the little assistants each got an precious angel from the Salvation Army Angel Tree this year to help shop for and hopefully make their Christmas a little brighter.  I tried to pick angels that were close in age so that the girls could relate a bit more as well as pick toys and clothes that they like in hopes of getting something nice for the precious angels that they will think is special and know that it was picked out especially with them in mind.

The little assistants are also drawing pictures to give them that we will frame as well as we are planning to include a couple of pieces of jewelry for them to add a little extra sparkle to their lives!

I am looking forward to wrapping them this weekend and delivering them. 

I hope that we are able to make a couple of little girls Christmas's this year a little brighter as well as hopefully teaching the little assistants about how truly blessed they are and how good it feels to help others where we can!  I do believe that it is all the little things that we each do each day that really can add up and create such an impact of goodness and much kindness especially when children are involved both in the giving and receiving.......don't you?

Wishing You A Sparkling Day from The Beach Haus Designs Studios!


Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Thought that I would just post a few beautiful pictures that have inspired me and hopefully will spark some creative inspiration regardless of what you create ( jewelry, mixed media, metal, scrapbooking, apparel crafts,etc) please feel free to email me or post here and let me know what you are creating! 
I always love to see what everyone is working on......let's get inspired together!

 A striking sunset

 I love the colors that Mother Nature uses when she paints the sky, don't you?

 I took this picture on one of my recent trips.......

 A beach rose, simply beautiful!

 A rainbow

 A perfect day!

 Yellow poppies, the color just makes me smile!

 Recyled cans for painting..... these flowers! Took this picture in Tucson

So what inspires you???



Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sparkling Cover

So many good things have been coming our way lately and one that I am really excited about is that one of my necklaces graces the cover of the new issue of Jewelry Affaire magagzine!  I love this magazine and the editor is such a truly delightful lady!  Happy to have had the privilege to work with her and be able to share several of my necklaces and bracelets throughout this issue.

So go check out the magzaine, I have no doubt that you will fall in love with this beautiful magazine!!!  I did!



Friday, October 1, 2010

A Sparkling Good Time

So I just spent a few days with some of the most talented and amazing men & women you could ever hope to meet or gather in one room......The SWAROVKSI ELEMENTS Ambassdors!  The Ambassadors were invited to the North American Swarovski Headquarters in Cranston, RI recently but before we invaded the offices quite a large group of us made a splash at fellow ambassador Debra Saucier's store The Bead & Wire Shop for a SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Ambassador's Meet & Greet. What a sparkling turnout!!!! We had a blast with the customers as well as had some time to talk and enjoy being together! A huge thanks to Deb & her family for hosting all of us!!!!!

Here is myself, Tammy Honaman, Sandra Lupo, Stephanie Dixion (The Dixon Chick) and Lilian Chen on the bus heading to meet the rest of the SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Ambassador gang
 at The Bead & Wire Shop

Tammy with a few of her fans!!!

The talented Diane Whiting holding a copy of Jewelry Affaire Magazine with my necklace on the cover!!!

 Deb Saucier, Owner of The Bead & Wire Shop and I taking pictures of each other taking pictures of the festivities at her store during the event
Stephanie Dixion was doing demo's in the front of The Bead & Wire Shop.  Everyone loved her demo's!!!  She was later teaching all of us a few beady & sparkling tips, love the Dixon Chick!!

We got to the offices, mingled, talked, brainstormed, saw the new innovations and showroom in person, trained on products that we love even more now after Nick Regine shared a bit of his knowledge and expertise with us, a fabulous dinner and well to say that we had a sparkling time is a bit of an understatement! a big thank you Nicole, Nick, Barbara,Rebecca, Kim and everyone else at Swarovski for your time it was greatly appreciated!!!

Two super talents!  Jamie North & Leslee Frumin at the Swarovksi North American Headquarters

 Me and Jamie North, love this gal!
 We have invaded the offices!  Let the games begin!

Dinner was fabulous but the company was even more sparkling!  Here are Monica Han, Brenda Schweder, Lilian Chen , Debbie Simon and Jamie North, seriously it doesn't get much better than this!

 It was totally dark other than all of the cell phone lights, everyone was busy texting and facebooking about everything we were doing!  Such fun!!

 Love these ladies!!  Laura Timmons (this lady never takes a bad picture), Jamie North and Stephanie Dixon

Nick Regine, our guru!  We definitely paid attention when he talked!

Stephanie Dixion & Katie Hacker ( truly one of the most talented yet gracious people I know)

Our group of Ambassadors is an amazingly talented group whose talents are as varied and diverse as the cities and country's that we are all from. You have those that make stitching a bracelet or amazing necklace look so easy that you shake your head with wonder, others that can wire crochet a necklace, meet new friends and still be the life of the party all at the same time, some that are already so well known in our industry that they will amaze you with their graciousness, kind words and talent to the point that you are speechless. There are Ambassadors that are so talented that I have no doubt you will be hearing their names even more and more as time goes on........truly a wonderfully giving, talented and totally amazing group of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Ambassadors that I am delighted to call my friends!


Monday, September 20, 2010

Big Things Happening......

So have a few sparkly things brewing that I can't talk about yet but very, very soon.......pretty excited about a particular publishing that is about to release.......will give lots more info very, very soon......I promise!!!

Sparkle Plenty Bracelet designed by June Beach

Take a peek at our Beach Haus Designs Website....never know what goodies you might find! 

We are also updating our June Beach Collection website shortly.  Will let you know when it is ready!!!

Have a Sparkling Day!


June Beach

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mingling Sparkles and Inspiration!

I don't think it is a surprise to anyone that I love Swarovski Crystal Elements, is it??? 
Ok, so I LOVE them in a big way! 

So to have the opportunity to head east and be able to spend time with my fellow ambassadors at the North American Headquarters for some training and sparkle time, well count me in!!!!  YIPPEEE~~  I always love heading to Tucson each year to see all of these amazingly talented designers that I both adore and admire so to get the opportunity to see everyone twice in one year, just pinch me!!

Jamie North & June Beach
So looking forward to seeing all of the new innovations and sparkles.....promise to share what I can here but will definitely share the fun & the friendship that comes through in all that we do. 

The Amazing Diane Whiting, Brenda Schweder and Sandro Lupo!
Going to be so much fun!  Just to be in the same room with this much talent is pretty serious but everyone is just the most sparkling and wonderful personalities that you could hope to be associated with!  Sparkles to all of them!

 Lilian Chen, the amazing Kristal Wick with bunny ears courtsey of the fabulous Laura Timmons and June

Thought this bracelet that I made full of sparkling Swarovski  Elements says it all in tems of being with all of these wonderful designers......inspiring!  Isn't that just the way it should be?  Oh course!

Designed by June Beach

Wishing you a most sparkling and Inspiring day!!



Monday, August 2, 2010

CHA & CHA Super Show- Chicago

I love Chicago!  So when asked to go there to do some make & take's at Craft and Hobbby Associations Super Show in Chicago, well, I was happy to go.  Getting to see all the crafty goodness everywhere, meeingt new friends, talking with old friends, well, it doesn't get much better than that, does it?  So here a small peek into CHA.........

Don't you love inspired looks?  This one was pretty great at the I Love To Create booth!  Love the feathers!!! Quite a sassy look, don't you think?  Great inspiration for many things!
A few other things that I fell in love with at the show......I love handbags and aren't these just the cutest?  What fun to create you own inspired style?  I am inspired to try a few myself, what about you??

So much inspiration everywhere as well! I love how there really aren't many rules now so you can go, mix it up & create so many new, dynamic accessories, clothing, papercrafts, home decor and more!

Don't you love when you run into the Crafting Celebrities at CHA and CHA SuperShow?  I do, so it was fun to see when I was starting to do my Make & Take, a gal asked spotted at my table my friend Julie McGuffee for a picture with her.  She told Julie how much her kids love her show as well as her British accent!  Cute, Cute!!  Check Julie's blog out at Life in the Craft Lane, she is fabulous!!!

Ran into Lisa Pavelka at the Viva Decor booths.  What a delight and joy to see her whenever, I get the chance. She is amazing, a woman of so many talents!  The little assistants were so excited over the polymenr clay sock monkey charms that she gave to make them little necklaces! LOL! Seriously,  if you haven't see any of her fabulous products, check them out at her website,

  What a great few days it was at the trade show & the SuperShow!

Isn't this just an adorable necklace from one of the booths at CHA? I love it!
So colorful and fun, love the sparkles in the center of the flowers, don't you? Perfect for Summer!

View from the ferris wheel at Navy Pier right before the fireworks started!  What a great way to end CHA & the CHA SuperShow!  Thanks to everyone that came out for my make & takes, it was great to see you!!



Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Is there a better way to start a holiday weekend than with the Blue Angels flying over the bay, Cherry Festival about to start, friends, family, cookouts and lots of fabulous fireworks?
I don't think is the perfect way!
Seeing the Blue Angels is always a highlight for me since I was a little girl and to now be able to share that with our daughters is an absolute delight!!
Cherry Festival in Traverse City, MI is the kickoff and celebration of all that is cherry and for me, not much compares to a fabulous fresh cherry or cherry pie from
the World's Cherry Capital!
Amazing Lake Michigan sunsets, didn't get to see the Northern Lights on this vist but this sunset was pretty amazing....check out the was like the Northern Lights but during sunset. Beautiful, the picture still doesn't do it justice!
Fireworks, again who doesn't like those?? The little assistants thought they were pretty fabulous this year as we got to see several great firework shows!!!

Again the pictures don't do the sparkling fireworks shows justice but well, had to share! Then of course at midnight, it was my birthday!! What a great way to start a special day! Friends, family, fireworks, cherry pie, amazing sunsets, sunny days on the beach......equals a perfect holiday weekend.
Hope you had a sparkling weekend as well !!!

God Bless the USA!
Red, White & Blue Sparkles

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Being a mom to my two little assistants is the better
than I could ever have wished for and then some! I hope that everyone has a wonderful & sparkling Mother's Day
from all of us
at the Beach Haus Designs studios!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Spring Inspiration

Hi everyone! Been a little remiss lately in posting but that is all about to change! Lots happening around the Beach Haus Studio's so will be sharing bits & pieces of it in the coming weeks.......

Spring has definitely sprung down south! Recently, we got to visit the cutest little town called Gruene, TX. Adorable mills, right on the river (not far from San Antonio) and fabulous little shops full of all kinds of great gifts, clothes and baubles!I just loved this Ice Cream can you not? We love ice cream in the Beach Household and the old charm of this sign made me stop and snap a picture or two! Yummmm. The Country Fresh Egg sign was a favorite as well.
Funny, I have learned through the years that you never know where inspiration is going strike and what beautiful intesting designs that you can come up just by getting out and about, taking your camera with you and just soak up all of the simple charms that surround all of us each day. Try it, you might be surprised at what you see that you didn't see before, colors, textures, layers and so much more.
Just wanted to share a few of my Bluebonnet pictures. I love Bluebonnets, no only because they are the Texas state flower but they are so happy and the blues just pop right out and grab you as you are passing them. They make me smile and inspire me!
Enjoy your day and go out and get inspired!!!