Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Spring Inspiration

Hi everyone! Been a little remiss lately in posting but that is all about to change! Lots happening around the Beach Haus Studio's so will be sharing bits & pieces of it in the coming weeks.......

Spring has definitely sprung down south! Recently, we got to visit the cutest little town called Gruene, TX. Adorable mills, right on the river (not far from San Antonio) and fabulous little shops full of all kinds of great gifts, clothes and baubles!I just loved this Ice Cream sign.......how can you not? We love ice cream in the Beach Household and the old charm of this sign made me stop and snap a picture or two! Yummmm. The Country Fresh Egg sign was a favorite as well.
Funny, I have learned through the years that you never know where inspiration is going strike and what beautiful intesting designs that you can come up just by getting out and about, taking your camera with you and just soak up all of the simple charms that surround all of us each day. Try it, you might be surprised at what you see that you didn't see before, colors, textures, layers and so much more.
Just wanted to share a few of my Bluebonnet pictures. I love Bluebonnets, no only because they are the Texas state flower but they are so happy and the blues just pop right out and grab you as you are passing them. They make me smile and inspire me!
Enjoy your day and go out and get inspired!!!


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