Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Finally some new peices!

Ok, so I have a little remiss in getting some new Beach Haus Designs jewelry loaded onto the blog but in the last few days it is finally a reality!

So....drumroll please, LOL!!!

I love this necklace, it is called Tyra and is just soft and pretty yet still full of drama, don't you think? It is one of a kind and so when it is gone, it will be gone! Love the opalscent teardrops & the chalcedony pendant!

Here is another one of my current fav's! Violet is just beautiful....full of amethyst and tiger eye course you know me I just have to throw in some Swarovski crystals for kicks! Stunning!!!!

Our multi-colored Amanda necklace has long been one of our best selling necklaces so back for a moment is our Aqua Amanda necklace. We have one left in stock. Don't you think this would just be the sweetest gift for a mom, grandmother, nana, aunt, other mom for Mother's Day?

The Keys necklace is soft, beautiful, classic and yet beachy! We love it, don't you. Wait till you get to see the handblown glass seashell in person, the colors and swirls are just wonderful! One of a kind.

If you love blues & greens like we do then we know you will just love this sweet little necklace that we named a bit tongue in cheek....Jade. Full of Turquoise & green faceted jade, Swarovski crystals and of course sterling silver.....you will have a big smile on your face everytime you wear it since it is such a happy necklace!

Ok, well sorry to cut this short, I promise to have more pictures for you hopefully tomorrow!!! So back to the studio as we have some new stores that are waiting for some fabulous Beach Haus Designs & June Beach Collection jewelry so we have to get busy busy busy at the Beach Studio....Maybe I will give you a peek into the studio soon........

Sparkles, Sparkles & More Sparkles!