Tuesday, December 9, 2008

2 Day 50% off Sale!

We are having a 2 day 50% off sale
at our website Beach Haus Designs starting today!

Use Code: Happy50 to get your discount at checkout.
Sale will end at midnight tomorrow!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New Items on the Website

Been a busy week with shows, Thanksgiving, etc.......but finally got around to loading some new jewelry onto the website just in time for holiday shopping. All the new jewelry is completed & ready to ship!!!! Visit our website to see even more!

Have a Sparkling Day!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Swarovski Create Your Style -Tucson 2009

To say that I am excited would be putting it mildly to say the least......

I will be teaching a class & a demo for Swarovski Crystal's Create Your Style with Crystallized Swarovski Elements in Tucson, AZ on February 3rd!

I created a necklace for this event called Northern Copper Sky Necklace:

You can go to Create Your Style to sign up for my class or any of the other fabulous classes being taught in Tucson this coming February 3-6, 2009.

There are only 20 spots for my class so sign up soon so that you are sure to get your seat. What fun we are going to have in Tucson!!!!


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New Line- Beach Haus Kids

Been busy busy busy working on a new project lately in addition to all of our fun jewelry! So here is a sneak peek ..........

Beach Haus Kids shirt line!

This is just a preview of the new line, although designs shown are ready to be ordered if you want one for your little one. All designs are exclusive and copyrighted to
Beach Haus Designs & Beach Haus Kids.

All of our designs are on high quality t-shirts, sweatshirts and onesies and are embellished (although not show here)with washer & dryer safe Swarvovski crystal accents. All our designs can be customized with name, birthdate or anything else that you choose! Fun!

The Little Assistansts are just loving these new shirts and been showing them off everywhere! Nice to have such cute models, isn't it???

#1 Movie Star in Training- accented with Swarovski crystals. Name is customized.
#2 My Daddy Is The King- Name can be added if desired. Accented with Swarovski crystals in the castle.

#3 Inital Crown Design. Love this one!
Customized with child's initals & name then accented with Swarovski crystals in the crown.

#4 Bold Inital. Customized with first inital & name.
Accented on the inital with Swarovski crystals
#5 Diamond Name Design. Customized with inital & name.
Accented with Swarovski crystals in the swirl flowers.#6 Tutu Princess. Accented in the crown with Swarovski crystals.
Name can be added if desired.

We have designed about 20 more designs these are just a very small preview.

All of the designs are mom friendly in terms of being able to throw the shirts in the washer & dryer and never worry about the shirt. YEAH!

Youth & Toddler short sleeve T-shirts are $15.00
Infant Onesies at $17.00
Sweatshirts are $24.00

If you want to order one drop us a line at customerservice@beachhausdesigns.com and we will be happy to get one right out to you!

Looking forward to showing you more designs soon....Can't wait to hear what your thoughts are on these new designs!


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Come see us at the Community House Gift Show

Hey everyone!

We are going to be at the Winter Gift Show at the Birmingham Community House this coming Thursday, so if you are still are the lookout for fabulous, unique christmas gifts come see us there as well as there are some other amazing vendors that you are sure to love!

Mention that you read about us being at the Community House Show on our Blog & we will have a special little discount for you at the show!!!!!

See you on Thursday!


Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Items

I know it seems like it has been a while since I posted and your right it has! We have had a major election, I have been on jury duty, doing shows, making news things for the shows & the site, shipping orders and of course being mom to the cutest Little Assistants ever!

So getting back to the website, just listed a bunch of new necklaces this morning. Some really lovely pieces chucked full of Sparkling Swarovski crystals, beautiful gemstones and much more!
Can you tell that I LOVE Turquoise???Love fun accents of toggles & Swirls!
All ready to ship and can be in your hands so that you still have time to wrap them, put them under the tree or wear them to that upcoming holiday party! Let me know what your favorites are, I love hearing from everyone!I call this cool necklace India Blue.....
What a fun Cross full of Leopard print, wood beads & Swarovski crystals!Have a Sparkling Day!!


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

Well, it is finally here.....Election Day 2008! Seems as if it was never really going to get here some days and this campaign has definitely been one for the ages.

Regardless of your views and who you are rooting for to win I hope that you got out there and voted. Every vote does count & we need to make sure all of our voices are heard. Don't you agree?

So make sure you get out there & make your vote count!

Red, White & Blue Sparkles

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Perfect Gift for the Thanksgiving Hostess

Well, they are calling for our first snow flurries of the season today & tomorrow.......UGH! Being a southern gal I still can't quite get used to hearing the word snow especially before Halloween & Thanksgiving, not that it will stick to the ground or anything like that but still!

So I figured today was a good day to introduce you to Beach Haus Designs new Polka Dot snowman necklacefor the holiday season....I love them, they are SO cute, adorable & best of all girly! The only problem is picking which color you like best!
Here is our Polka Dot Snowmen necklaces in Green, Red, Blue, Black & Pink......take your pick!! They are sure to cheer you up on even the grayest of winter days although for those that live in warmer climates, they also look adorable with all of those cute Lilly clothes in your wardrobe!

Full of handblown glass, freshwater pearls, sparkling Swarovski crystals, gemstones and sterling silver.....you will love this little snowman!

Here's a great thought.......................What a perfect gift to take to Thanksgiving dinner for your hostess with the mostess! She will be thrilled that you gave her such a sweet gift to carry her into the next season.........course you will still need one for yourself too, don't you think??? LOL!!

Snowy Sparkles to you

Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's a pumpkin world

You know it is fall when there are fabulous, orange pumpkins everywhere!! Apple Cider, fresh baked doughnuts, colorful fall leaves, crisp cool air, football games in full swing and voila......it's fall!!!! In Michigan we love this time of the year, it is nice to be able to celebrate all of the seasons, don't you think?

This is a adorable bracelet that is perfect for the fall season and you can easily wear all the way through Thanksgiving. Check out Beach Haus Designs Cluster of Pumpkins bracelet!I love this picture of all the pumpkins, squash, etc in all of their beautiful colors & shapes. Inspiring don't you agree......Pumpkins are just so happy! They bring a smile to my face!

Beach Haus Designs Pumpkins & Pearls necklace is well....too cute for words! Again, we love that you can wear it all fall and not just till Halloween.........One last picture that I thought was cute at the giant pumpkin farm........Halloween is coming and what a cute way to decorate one of the farms buildings. Cute!
Happy Fall Sparkles to everyone!!!


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ever have one of those days?

Ever have one of those days where you have tons to do but for some reason it seems that nothing really gets quite done.......well.....that was yesterday! Can you say UGH with me? UGH!!!!!! The only major thing that I seem to have accomplished was updating the BHD blog here as well as playing taxi for Little Assistant #1 yesterday for preschool, little eagles & tap class. In reality I got a couple of other things done but not near what I needed to do.......so today is my big kick it in gear day so that we can get packed up, not forget anything & cruise to Virginia as soon as LA#1 gets out of school in the morning.

We have the cutest neighbor, a older gentleman named Mr. Cooper who is always ( I really do mean always) in his garden, waving to everyone as they go by and has the best garden around.........he put out his pumpkins yesterday to sell for much too cheap of a price ( $.50- $1.50 a pumpkin) if you ask me but he does it for the love & joy of it
much to the delight of everyone around.

So in honor of Mr. Cooper here is of our adorable pumpkin necklace, Pumpkin & Pearls
This bracelet almost looks like his garden, Cluster of Pumpkins bracelet!So hope you all have a wonderful, productive day ( wishing myself that as well, LOL) and enjoy the beautiful fall day and the harvest of beautiful pumpkins everywhere.

Pumpkin Sparkles to you!


Monday, September 22, 2008

Fancy Nancy, Preschool & Snowmen

Been a busy few weeks so forgive me for being gone for a bit......

Little Assistant #1 had a big Fancy Nancy birthday party, can we say TOO CUTE again!! Little girls dressed in tutu's & princess dresses flying around the yard, in swings, riding the jeep & trikes, etc...around the driveway.....cute, funny, perfect day!Simply beautful, don't you agree?

Back to Beach Haus Designs business, leaving on Wednesday for Virginia for a golf tournament & a show. So been working on lots of yummy goodies, lots of one of a kinds, etc.....can't wait to get out there & see everyone. I just love hearing what our customers love & what they are looking for.........gets my creative juices flowing.

Just finished the new Southern Lady ad for Nov/Dec which is full of our Polka Dotted Snowman neckace......so very cute!
Also, got our rooms booked for Tucson for February.....can you believe I am thinking that far ahead??? Not me but very excited about heading out there this coming year.......

Have some other things brewing but one day at a time they say, right????

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy Thursday

Thursday, already! Whew too much to do and never enough time to do it all.....
my wonderful parents are due in today from down south
so the little assistants are beyond excited (me too, to be honest!!)

Ok, so on to the main attraction.....what's new, you ask??? A couple of things....Well, other than getting lots of exclusive goodies ready for our upcoming shows in St Petersburg, Florida in October and Occoquan, VA at the end of September we have been working on the new June Beach Collection catalog for our wonderful wholesale customers, the new ad for Southern Lady Magazine and much more.......YIPPEE! ( I will show you some of those sneek peeks next week, promise!)
This necklace is fun yet a good reminder for all of us not to forget our dreams...don't you agree???? I love the turquoise, sterling silver & swarovski crystals.This is swirly girl! A personal favorite of mine ( yes, I really do have my absolute fav's out of the collection) This necklace is a bit longer than the usual 18", handblown glass bead makes it one of a kind and I love the cool swirly sort of organic shaped sterling drop. What do you think????This is our Out of the Blue necklace, cool blue tuquoise, blue jade, sterling silver & Swarovski crystals.....simple, classic yet totally fun and blue!

Till later! Have a Sparkling Day!


Friday, August 22, 2008

Pumpkins & More

Can you believe that we are even thinking about Pumpkins already??? I know I can't but Fall , Halloween & Thanksgiving are all unfortunately coming upon us quickly
( I still am not sure where summer went yet....)

So in honor of all of our pumpkin lovers & friends out there here are some of our new fall pieces for your viewing & buying pleasure from Beach Haus Designs!
This necklace is just adorable ( love that word, don't you)! Sterling silver with freshwater pearls, my favorite crystals in the world, Swarovski (they sparkle better than anyones and sparkling is very very important, don't you agree??) and the cutest ceramic pumpkin ever!
This necklace is perfect to wear from the beginning of the Fall season all the way through Thanksgiving!!! Love it!!

Our clusters of pumpkins bracelet is again all sterling with cute glass leaves, handblown glass pumpkins, freshwater pearls & of course Swarovski crystals.
Got to have a little bling in your life!
Sassy, cute, fun and again perfect for the entire fall season!

Grab your while you can at Beach Haus Designs. You can also check out lots of other fun necklaces, bracelets & earrings that are perfect for holiday gifts and much more........

Happy Pumpkin Sparkles To You!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bridal Jewelry

One of the things that we do at Beach Haus Designs is bridal & bridal party jewelry! Course we do it in custom colors as well as styles.....so thought I would share some jewelry with you just to get the thinking cap on especially since these pieces although in the Bridal category are not just for special occasions but perfect for everyday wear, so don't be afraid to grab one for yourself!
Some of our new designs shown here are in fall colors but any of these could easily be converted into other color options ( all pink, all black, all crystal, all green, mix of pastels, mix brights, so on & on but you get the pictures) and of course the necklaces & earrings are perfect for all of the other outfits in your closet not just the bridesmaid dress!, LOL!!!I have these earrings already in several colors ( pink, crystal, green, black, champagne, etc) as I love how they just dangle down, swing a bit, sparkle through my hair & brighten my face with the Swarovski crystals........these should be a staple in everyone's accessory wardrobe, seriously!
The chain on this necklace is just quietly beautiful.........perfect for a more conservative look. Can you picture this one in all black or all black & crystal for a fantastic black & white look...?
This is our Christy style, just imagine it in all pink crystal or black or green, or blue or frankly any combination that you could think of, LOL!!! Adorable, love the tassle, don't you?Cute earrings perfect for any outfit!This is our Trixie necklace, three strands, full of Swarovski crystals and faceted ruby red jade.....just love it! Can totally see it with a great pair of jeans & a tank or with that fabulous new suit for the office.......stunning & stylish, don't you think??This beauty is Michelle....classic, elegant with just enough sass not to be boring.....again, full of sparkle which is exactly what I love to add to all of our designs!

Let us know what designs you like best as well as feel free to contact us at customerservice@beachhausdesigns.com if you have a wedding coming up. We would love to help make your special day sparkle even more!

(P.S.- we do even more extra special designs & surprises for our brides and don't forget the flower girl.....our Beach Princess line has some adorable options for her!)


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bay Harbor

It was a fabulous weekend & just beautiful weather although we did get a little rain on Friday but that turned out to be ok too...... Great artists, show by shores of Lake Michigan and an adorable village......not bad right? Right! We had a great time as usual and it is always wonderful to see our customers that have been wearing Beach Haus Designs jewelry for years now.
Just a couple of photos from the booth........it was a bit windy due to being near the water .
Sorry to have not posted much lately but with vacation and working on lots of new pieces I will have tons to show you shortly!!! Hang in there with me.....promise, lots of goodies to come!!!

We are also getting ready to head to Virginia for the show in Occoquan in September then we are off to Florida in October for Angels After Dark..........going to be a busy busy fall again.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Beach Glass

As we all know the big buzzword these days is "Green" & here are Beach Haus Designs we try to do our part too with recycling packaging, beads ( I LOVE anything vintage & have been collecting vintage jewelry & accessories since I was 10 years old!), chains, etc.....sometimes I get so attached to certain pieces that I really feel this need for the piece to get a home with someone who will treasure the jewelry & components in it as much as I do.

Well, one of the other things we do here and is one of our founding designs is our beautiful one of a kind, authentic Beach Glass ( course some people refer to it as Sea Glass as well but being that we are Beach Haus Designs we stick with Beach Glass, LOL).
I have not done as much of our beautiful Beach Glass lately for several reasons but I am happy to say that it is back & here are some of our authentic Lake Michigan beach glass designs......get them while you can as they are all one of a kind & when they are gone....well, you know the drill, their gone!
I love the story behind so many of the colors that you find....cobalt blue beach glass is often from old Noxema jars, Lavender used to be white but during the wars WWI & II they took out a product out of the glass that turned it white that was needed for the war effort and the new chemical over time turned white glass lavender........rare.
There are reds, browns ( old root beer & beer bottles), green (7 -up bottles) and of course white & clear ( soda bottles, etc) I have a fabulous piece of large beach glass that still have the writing on it from the soda bottle, too fun!!!We have done and are always happy to do custom work for our customers using their own beach glass that they found on a favorite vacation, etc.......contact us at customerservice@beachhausdesigns.com for more information about custom work.

Many of our Beach Haus Designs brides have used beach glass in their bridal jewelry for their beach weddings in bracelets, anklets & necklaces! What a great one of a kind gift to give to those who stand up in your wedding.

So here is to a green world!
Check out our Beach Glass Jewelry and snag a piece while you can!