Friday, May 30, 2008

Green Beach & Beach Glass

As we all know the big buzzword these days is "Green" & here are Beach Haus Designs we try to do our part too with recycling packaging, beads ( I LOVE anything vintage & have been collecting vintage jewelry & accessories since I was 10 years old!), chains, etc.....sometimes I get so attached to certain pieces that I really feel this need for the piece to get a home with someone who will treasure the jewelry & components in it as much as I do.

Well, one of the other things we do here and is one of our founding designs is our beautiful one of a kind, authentic Beach Glass ( course some people refer to it as Sea Glass as well but being that we are Beach Haus Designs we stick with Beach Glass, LOL).
I have not done as much of our beautiful Beach Glass lately for several reasons but I am happy to say that it is back & here are some of our authentic Lake Michigan beach glass designs......get them while you can as they are all one of a kind & when they are gone....well, you know the drill, their gone!
I love the story behind so many of the colors that you find....cobalt blue beach glass is often from old Noxema jars, Lavender used to be white but during the wars WWI & II they took out a product out of the glass that turned it white that was needed for the war effort and the new chemical over time turned white glass lavender........rare.
There are reds, browns ( old root beer & beer bottles), green (7 -up bottles) and of course white & clear ( soda bottles, etc) I have a fabulous piece of large beach glass that still have the writing on it from the soda bottle, too fun!!!We have done and are always happy to do custom work for our customers using their own beach glass that they found on a favorite vacation, us at for more information about custom work.

Many of our Beach Haus Designs brides have used beach glass in their bridal jewelry for their beach weddings in bracelets, anklets & necklaces! What a great one of a kind gift to give to those who stand up in your wedding.

So here is to a green world!
Check out our Beach Glass Jewelry and snag a piece while you can!


Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a day for reflection and honor for those we have lost in the numerous battles that have been fought for our freedom here & abroad.... To all of those men & women we salute you today & everyday for what you do.

I always love seeing the American flags everywhere on Memorial Day, it makes me smile to see our beautiful flag and know that everyone is remembering our servicemen & women!

Course Memorial Day is like our official kick-off for Summer too.......I thought I would share some more Northern Michigan pics that bring some smiles to my face and hopefully yours. This is one of the first sailboats on the water right outside the cottage........I love seeing the sailboats, so graceful, quiet and just gliding through the water like it was on glass. A geat way to spend a leisurely day, don't you think?

I love this little barn & how it has been painted with the chickens! Adorable....I can't help but smile everytime I drive past it. Could you???
One of our favorite cherry & fruit stands in Old Mission! They have maple syrup out right now but soon there will be quarts of fresh yummy cherries. I can't wait!!!!
This is the roof of a barn on the peninsula that they redid last year....Love the colorful stripes. I always know I am almost to the cottage when I see the colors of the roof when I come over the hilltop, off to the left as you are driving you can see the West Bay of Lake Michigan and cherry trees everywhere! Beautiful sight.......

Wishing everyone a very safe & blessed Memorial Day!

Red, White & Blue Sparkles!

Stunning Sunsets for Memorial Day Weekend

It seems as though Mother Nature is quite the artist this least here in Northern Michigan! The sunsets since we got to the UpNorth studio have been well beyond beautiful.

I am not sure sometime if we treasure our sunsets so much here in Michigan due to the fact that our winters are so long and we are indoors so much but I do know that we love them! To watch Mother Nature use her paint brush and paint the sky in subtle shade of blues, grays, burnt umbers & sienna only to then as the sun actually sets move on to vibrant shades of reds, oranges & purples and then finally to soft shades of pinks, peaches & lavenders all for our pleasure.

Well it's no wonder we love to sit on the beach at sunset roasting marshmallows & hot dogs....

Amazing how most of these pictures that I took are all in one evening isn't it? I only hope that my pictures are able to do justice to the sunsets of the last 2 nights here at the UpNorth Studio

See what I mean about how the colors change so much! Beautiful.....

I love this picture from last night.....the little assistants were sound asleep, everything was quiet and the sky changed colors again so I ran down to take this final shot last night of the Northern Lights yet but we have a whole summer to look forward to watching the colorful sunsets and then see if we get blessed with a peek at the amazing Northern Lights....

Cheers to Mother Nature & the colors of the sky!

Have a Sparkling Weekend!