Tuesday, December 18, 2007

How Time Flies

Can you believe New Years Eve and 2008 is now just days away.......we plan, think & make resolutions for the new year but then can't believe it is finally here once the big day arrives!

Hope everyone had a wonderful & safe Christmas Day with their loved ones.
We were really busy little elves in the studio with last minute beautiful custom necklaces, bracelets & earrings gifts for customers. A large order for an international store account was very exciting to work on! We were pleased that some really extra beautiful peices came out of the studio, so pretty we were wanting to keep them for ourselves, LOL! Don't worry, we didn't!

We are back at work in the studio on the new line that we should have ready shortly as well as lots of other new goodies that we are very excited about! We will share more shortly.

Promise not to take so long to post here next time.......one of my new resolutions for the new year!

Sparkles to you and the New Year!


Thursday, November 29, 2007

It's beginning to like a lot like Christmas!

Well, the holiday season is offically here, can you believe it?

We just love Christmas around the Beach Haus Designs studio!

We have our official pink tree this year already up, decorated & sparkling with those twinkle lights that we love so much........christmas music playing, the smell of luscious candles and yummy cookies floating through the air. Nighttime brings viewings of the Polar Express with lots of hot, hot, hot chocolate and popcorn!

Helen Heart Necklace
Beautiful pearls, swarovski crystals & sterling silver necklace- the backside of the heart says" The best & most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched. They must be felt with the heart" H Keller

We have tons of cute new jewelry coming up as well as lots of new specials that we will passing along to all of our customers that have accounts signed up with us or email us at customerservice@beachhausdesigns.com to be added to our mailing list!
Look for a new line that we are really excited about launching in January 08!!!! We will tell you more about it soon!

Our Caroline II Necklace is a great way to remember that loved one that is gone or that is still in the fight......all proceeds go to help find a cure!

Erica Necklace
Full of fabulous brown amber, freshwater pearl, sterling silver, Swarovski crystals and Chalcedony!!!! LOVE IT!

Lots of sparkles to all of you!!!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Free Shipping!

So we hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day & weekend. We were very blessed to be with family and friends on Thanksgiving and feel so very thankful this year for many wonderful things.
Ok, so we rarely do a free shipping sale and here we are doing one TODAY!
So Today only on all sales at our website www.beachhausdesigns.com we are offering free shipping. No coupons or codes needed just shop and checkout, it's that easy!
We are off to the studio to get lots of new goodies ready for this weekend's show in Grosse Pointe at Parcell's as well as our upcoming Trunk Show at Keylime Clothing Company on Sanibel Island, FL starting on Dec 7th! For those of you in Florida if you can go by Keylime you will be in for such a treat as much for all of the special jewels they will have from Beach Haus Designs but also all of the other goodies they carry throughout their wonderful store.
I will post new pictures of some of the new designs shortly for you!
Have a sparkling day!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Strawberry & Vanilla

Oh to be three again..........my sweet little girl is just full of imagination & well sometimes drama galore, no idea where she gets that and she is only three, oh my!!!! She just brought me out of "her kitchen" pupcakes (that is what she calls cupcakes, how cute is that!) to eat. One "pupcake" she announced was lime and other one was not just vanilla but...... strawberry & vanilla! Adorable.

So got to thinking about how we look at everything as pretty much vanilla only to have a three year old point out that there are other fabulous favors like lime or that maybe we should combine an old favorite with another one thus creating vanilla & strawberry. No big revelations but just a simple reminder to keep with us throughout our days.

Our Monique Necklace, full of turquoise, purple briolettes and green freshwater pearls!

I am in love with purple this year and this necklace is so much more fabulous in person! You should just see how the crystal pendant just sparkles......

With that in mind I am anxious to get to the studio today and work on the new line that we are SO excited about!! Will tell more later but it will be filled with lots of sparklies and fun things.

Yesterday was the Holiday Gift Show at the beautiful Community House in Birmingham, MI. Such a wonderful show, great vendors, beautiful booths, fabulous customers! Love it! I have such a wonderful location and in a room with a gal that sells the most beautiful sweaters ( course then I have jewelry to help them accessorize), a another sweet little lady has the most adorable handcrafted hats....words do not do her hats justice and another mom like me that has some of the BEST chocolate bark, peppermint bark, etc that I have ever tasted......can I tell you how happy I was to be next to her last year when I was pregnant with Little Assistant #2, LOL!!! Chocolate & a pregnant women, needless to say that I never even looked at the sweaters but had eyes only for the chocolate. Love her company name.....Moms gone Nuts! She has a flavor that is called"Daddy doesn't diet" as well as my favorite is the Extra Rich Peppermint Back that is called Forget The Scales!!!Too Fun!!! Check her out at http://www.momsgonenuts.com/

Course everyone here is getting ready for the "Big Game" tomorrow at noon, the University of Michigan vs. Ohio State game....to say my husband and friends are excited is a bit of an understatement.........LOL!! We are heading to Ann Arbor tomorrow to watch the game & tailgate with lots of wonderful friends, food, lots of fun and of course football!

Working on lots of new goodies that I am sure you will love......stay tuned I will post more this afternoon. Off to work on the Valentines Day & Easter designs for the new Southern Lady ad and chase down a crawling little assistant!

Have a sparkling Day!


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Happy Monday

Ok, so I didn't get the new pictures posted last week but here are a few to get the week off to a good start before I head to the studio!

Isn't this pink & green snowman just the cutest???

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, we did as we headed UpNorth to the cottage to get everything shut down for the winter........bummer. But we are looking forward to teaching our oldest daughter how to ski this winter, what fun that will be!

This one is called Animal Instinct........I LOVE this necklace......
hummmm....maybe I need to keep it, LOL! I say that about every other necklace!

Beautiful sunny day here in Frankenmuth! Leaves are falling, birds singing outside on the window. The cutest one was sitting there just watching me, looked like he was trying to figure out how to come inside and join us. For those of you who don't know much about Frankenmuth ( http://www.frankenmuth.com/) , we are a wonderful little German town tucked in Michigan. We have wonderful restaurants that have great chicken dinners and sides....people come from everywhere to eat at Bavarian Inn http://www.bavarianinn.com/( my father in law designed the Bavarian Inn so we are a bit biased to eating here, LOL) and its sister restaurant, Zehnders.

Venetian Santa Necklace

Also, the world's largest year round christmas store, Bronner's, www.bronners.com, is located here as well. Boy, you should see that place the day after Thanksgiving! So needless to say that the christmas decorations are up in force and we are all waiting for the candlewalk and tree lighting ceremonies next week! To call us " Christmas Town" is not an understatement at all........if you ever have the chance to visit...you should!

Monique Turquoise Necklace! Fabulous!!

Well! We have a few big things coming up......a new line, YIPPEEE as well as a BIG sale for all of our customers......can't wait to give you the details shortly.....

Till then......

Have a sparkling, wonderful day!


Thursday, November 8, 2007

I'm back in the studio!

Greetings from the Beach Haus Studio!

Ok, so I am finally back! At home & the studio!!! YIPPEEE! Only downside is it is snowing outside, UGH!!!! I am such the southern girl that the first sign of snow makes me a bit sad as I know it will be a while before I see all of my beautiful flowers again........but Christmas (my favorite holiday) is right around the corner so that means lots of decorating, parties, food, friends, fun and maybe this year will be our first Beach Haus Designs Open House......hummmmmm!

SO..............We have been travelling fools for the last month & a half going to Virginia, DC, Florida, Arkansas and Indiana. I can't begin to tell you what a great time we have had at all of our shows & with our wonderful customers. How great it is to be able to visit with our customers in person, hear their feedback and thoughts on new designs and pieces that they already own and just love, love, love. Warms my heart so much!!!!!

Our Florida show was out of this world! Great sales,fabulous customers and the gals that do the show are truly some of the best anywhere! Hats off to them and all of the charities that will get the benefit of their hard work........

I am sure all of you will agree with me there is nothing better than going home again..........one of our latest shows was in my homestate of Arkansas. To say that going home to visit friends & family is wonderful is such an understatement! The girls had such a good time with everyone and I had a fabulous show at Dazzle Daze in Conway. Only wish that we could have stayed longer but back to Michigan we had to go...............

So now back in the studio and BOY at we cooking up some extra special fabulous jewelry for you, the holidays, New Years, Valentines Day and yes...... Spring 2008!!!! (Have to get ready some great jewelry for all of our great wholesale accounts so that they have plenty of goodies for you to see in person all over the country)

I will post some new pictures later today and tomorrow for you to drool over ( only wish they always looked as great in the pictures as they do in person, LOL)

Have a wonderfully warm & sparkling day!


Tuesday, October 9, 2007

As promised........

Ok, so here is a sneak peek at just a few of the new goodies that we are taking to Florida as well as putting on the website........several of these are one of a kind pieces, so first come, first serve! LOL!!!
Who doesn't love Minnie Mouse? This is our Minnie inspired Candy Corn Minnie Cluster Necklace. Handblown glass Minnie with an orange bow mixed with crystals & glass candy corns on a sterling silver necklace! LOVE IT!

This one is just beautiful in person! Sometimes pictures just don't do a piece justice........sigh! Fabulous freshwater pearls, lovely jasper, Swarovski crystal and olivine are just a fantastic combination in our Olive Necklace.

Red is one of my mother's favorite colors and this faceted red jade is well....just great! We have mixed it with some fabulous dark freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystals for a necklace that is perfect for the fall/winter season..........This one is one of a kind!
Our Meg necklace is just so sweet & adorable that you will want to wear it all the time! Beautiful handblown glass beads, green turquoise, Swarovski crystals and pink jade.......can you say YUMMY! One of a kind! This one won't last long.

Course you can't go to Florida without looking for starfish, right? This one is just so much fun.......yellow jade, green jade, orange mother of pearl and a Murano glass starfish. LOVE IT! Perfect for some fun in the sun!

Ok, so I will post some more shortly as well as please check the website for all of these & more goodies.............so much coming out of the studio right now in so many styles & designs. If you are looking for something special please feel free to contact us at customerservice@beachhausdesigns.com and we will see what we have that you will love or we can design just for you!

Have a sparkling day!


Monday, October 8, 2007

Packing for Florida!

Well, this is the busy time of our year. Not only are we getting everything ready for the holidays and spring collections but we are travelling to several shows over the next couple of months.

This week we are off to Florida!!! St. Petersburg that it.......we are in our third year of doing the Angels After Dark show that is held in the Bank of America building in downtown St Petersburg and is put on by a fabulous group of ladies raising money to support children charities in that area. We are honored to be a small part of such a great show. So I have been in the studio working on lots of new goodies since we got back from Virginia & the DC area.........I will have some ready to post either tonight or first thing tomorrow as a sneak peek! I know one of my wonderful stores is really excited about several of the peices already!!!!

So if you are in the St. Petersburg area please come by & visit us this Friday during the show. Let me know that you read about it on the blog & I will give you a special show discount!!!!!WHOO HOOO!!

Looking forward to some fun in the sun, a bit of disney and lots of great sales during the show!

I will post pictures shortly for you!!!!!

Have a sparkling day!


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Golf & The Capitol

Wow, such a worldwind since we got to Virigina! Got here Thursday night about midnight (fun travelling with a 3 year old & a 7 month old. Those quick little stops turn into a half hour stop, LOL! I am sure all of you mom's out there can relate in a big way. Actually the trip was fairly easy for the most part.

Friday was the golf tournament that was telling you about in the last post. Fabulous weather, could not have been a nicer day to be honest! Great turnout, they had 10 more golfers than last year, over a hundred golfers!!

The event is just fantastic especially when you consider that it is all going for scholarships for two students.....just love that!

Later there was a dinner after everyone came in from the golf course, with raffle prizes ( including a Beach Haus Designs piece, our best selling Amanda necklace, that several of the gals were fighting over, LOL)

I have been busy busy busy making lots of new pieces even while I am here in Virginia! Nice having my wonderful models & sounding boards J & J here with me. They LOVE seeing all of the new designs first!!!LOL!!

I will post some of the new pieces in the next post for you to take a peek at! Course everyone that comes to visit us at the show in Occoquan will get to see them in person. We will be on Mill Street if you want to stop by see the jewerly & say hi! Look for our Beach Haus Designs sign on the tent as well as the bright colored stripes inside. Can't wait to see everyone!

Yesterday we spent the day as a family in DC, which for all of the times that we have been here, we have never really spent any time there seeing the sights, etc........so we were really overdue, don't you think?
We took the Metro train in, the girls both really LOVED that and made friends with everyone on the train, of course! Once there, we headed to the Washington Monument to go up in the top and it was fantastic! Such great views......I had wanted to go up there for years.

We had contacted our Senator to get a Capitol tour and we just loved it! Did you know that if you stand on the star in the Crypt that it is supposed to bring you good luck? So of course, we had to do that!
Saw so much more than I can even write about but needless to say we had a great time! Looking forward to taking the girls to the National Zoo at some point to see the Panda's.........another day.

Have a sparkling day!


Monday, September 17, 2007

Wins, Losses, New Jewelry & Golf!

Ok, well hope your weekend was great. It was a bit cold here in Frankenmuth but at least it was sunny & Michigan finally won! Boy, that made my husband very happy on Saturday....actually it made a lot of U of M alumni & fans VERY happy after the last 2 weekends. GO BLUE! Bummer though that my beloved Razorbacks lost to Alabama... otherwise it would have been a perfect weekend. Maybe next saturday........

Cheers to U of M!!! GO BLUE!!!

An extra little bonus for me was that this was my first weekend alone since my youngest daughter was born 7 months ago. DH took the girls and headed UpNorth to Traverse City to take care of some things at the cottage so I got to catch up on some much needed sleep and work a lot in the studio!!!!!!! YIPPEEEE! Can't wait to show off some of the new designs to everyone!

My Husband's favorite place in the world..........Simply beautiful, don't you think?

Ok so are you ready to see some new jewelry????? I know I have been so happy designing some of the new pieces. Feel that I am back in a really good groove again and feeling very inspired! Only wish I could show you everything that I made but for now these will have to do, LOL!!

So here we go.............

This is our new Nadra Necklace with cool Kiwi stone, Swarovksi crystal, black onyx & black tiger's eye. Totally cool, don't you think?

This beauty is our Flo necklace. It is full of Fluorite, Amethyst, Swarovski crystal and a cool oxidized pendant. The colors in this necklace is just beautiful! I LOVE the pendant though....

This is our Julia Necklace full of Black Onyx, Swarovski crystals, jasper & cool sterling silver chain. Plus it is nice & long so it is great with a t-shirt or that great winter sweater that you have your eye on......This one is one of my new personal favorites!

Ok, so finally got the picture that I wanted for the new Southern Lady Magazine ad. Took me longer than I had hoped but I have had the worst computer problems and camera issues this past week, UGH!!!!

I am just in love with our Cool Snowman Cluster Necklace!!! Full of handblown glass, Swarovski crystals and of course the cutest Snowman!

The Pretty in Pink Snowflake necklace is so sweet. Rose Quartz, handblown glass beads, sterling silver & Swarovski crystals....what's not to love?

I think that our poinsettia necklace ( called our Holiday Pearls Necklace) is so classic and well perfect for any event that you might have during the holiday season, don't you think?

Well, that's it for now.......running to pack up the studio for our trip to Virginia & the DC area!

Have a Sparkling Day!


Friday, September 14, 2007

Dreaming of Blogs.......

Ok, have you ever had a night where you really, I mean really, needed a good night's sleep? I am sure everyone has experienced this at some point. Being the mom to two young girls needless to say, sleep isn't something that I have been getting a lot of these days. LOL!
So the other night after launching our BHD blog, well all I could do was dream about in my few hours of sleep was blogs, blogs & more blogs! I dreamed about my blog, changes that should be made to the blog, Amy's cute blog, Deb's fun blog, Carmen's way with words on her blog, jewelry blogs, gift blogs and so on and so on.......my brain was running 50 mph with BLOGS! Needless to say that this is a new frontier for me and Beach Haus Deisgns but a fun one that I am looking forward to doing. My husband just grinned when he noticed that I had a blog now (like I don't already have enough to do during the day).
Oh well, looking forward to learning more about blogs and continue searching out fabulous new blogs and reading those that I already love! Hopefully, they just won't interfere with my sleep deprived state anymore..........

This is our fabulous Olive necklace!! You should see how it sparkles with al the fabulous Swarovski Crystals!! Beautiful!

So we are working on the new ad for Southern Lady Magazine......having a hard time getting the exact photo that we want but it wil be featuring some of our adorable santa's! We do great with our whimsical peices and this time of the year and we are doing lots of great fall & holiday peices on the website as well as some special peieces that will be exclusive to our wholesale accounts and some for the handful of shows that we will be doing during the holidays.

Here are some of the pieces if you want to take a quick peek.......they have handblown glass & handmade santa's. venetian beads, swarovksi crystals and off course sterling silver......they are far more adorable in person than even in the pictures......

The snowmen are on their way soon but don't think they will make the ad this year but lots of new ones will be on the website shortly. Here is a peek at one of our all time best sellers!

Isn't our Joe Cool Snowman just the cutest thing ever! Needless to say we sell a TON of these to stores & customers in all the sunny places in the country. Can't begin to tell you how many we have shipped to Florida & California! We are going to do some new versions of him this year in pink & black, blues and then the one that you see above! Too cute!!

SHOW ALERT: We will be heading out of the studio next Thursday to head to Virginia for our annual show in Occoquan on Sept 29-30! We have been there for several years and just love going out there(course it helps that we get to see some wonderful family members as well while we are there). We are going to be on Mill Street in our new location right at Union. Please come by say hi & check out all of the wonderful designs that we are doing that will be exclusively at the show!
We are also looking for to the Beach Annual Pre-Party at my sister in law's that we do every year that a lot of our long time customers (now good friends) attend so that we can catch up with everyone before the show begins. Such a good time! Jan & Jenny are just fabulous hostess's with the most!

Back to the studio so that we can be ready with lots of goodies for the show & the website.........

Have a sparkling Day!!!


Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Welcome to our Beach Haus Designs Blog!

Welcome!! I am just now getting into the world of Blogging and honestly, I am really looking forward to it since several of my wonderful friends have told me how much fun it is......so here it is! I have lots in store for you including tours of the studio from time to time as well as updates on new & exciting jewelry designs as well as some pictures from our trunk shows that we do for some of our fabulous wholesale customers across the country as well as a few other shows that we do from time to time. I plan to give you some general musings so that hopefully you get to know me, June, the designer behind Beach Haus Designs.
So let's get started!!!!
First off and VERY exciting.......We have just updated our website http://www.beachhausdesigns.com/ with lots of new graphics, etc.......WHOO HOO!!!
Although, we are working hard to tweak it and make it just right for you, we ask that you are patient with us while we get all of the updates completed & new products loaded. We are SO excited about the new design & feel that it will be a bit easier to shop than the old site.

Also, we have some new & exciting features that we have never had before! Ok, wait....are you ready.......A gift & wish list registry so that you can make a list of all the goodies that you would like and be able to let others know where to shop & what you want! Isn't that just delightful????
For our wonderful wholesale customers we have a new wholesale login area that once approved they will be given a special password and be able to shop our wholesale jewelry directly off the site for the first time! FANTASTIC!!!!

Here are some of our new fall pieces that we designed that are in our ad in Southern Lady Magazine (fabulous magazine!In case you have never picked one up, you should make a point to do so).......We just LOVE pumkins or actually we call them punkins!

Loads of fun Swarovski crystals, handblown glass and lots of sterling silver! Does fall get more fun than this?

You can find all of these cute pumkins at our website http://www.beachhausdesigns.com/

Ok, so back to the studio so that we can get all of the updates done for you so that you will be able to see all of the wonderful new goodies that you have in store for you!!! I look forward to showing everyone more jewelry, some of our new bridal pieces, our new children's line- Beach Princess Jewelry, as well as our general musings!

Hope you have a sparkling day!!!