Friday, May 23, 2008

A Shower & A Baby

Well the last week has been a bit exciting! I was invited to a beautiful baby shower for a very dear girlfriend who is like a sister to us. The little assistants call her Aunt Krissy. The shower was absolutely stunning with pink, pink & more pink everywhere you looked! Pink roses, pink peonies, pink hydrangeas, pink cupcakes, pink drinks, get the picture!

This is one of the place settings right before we sat down to eat an amazing herbed chicken salad! Fabulous!! Little Assistant #1 wanted to skip lunch & go straight to the cupcakes!! No surprise there....LOL!

This is our lovely Aunt Krissy & her mom with Little Assistant #2. The shower was beautiful, she was beautiful, sunny spring day here in Michigan despite reports of rain and she got some amazing gifts including a Tiffany child's china set that was just too cute for words!
The little assistants gave the new baby girl to be a pink, purple & white tutu in hopes that they will be able to teach her to dance soon! I didn't have the heart to tell them it was going to be a bit before that happens.........

For dessert they had this adorable cake that just literally took the cute you didn't want to cut it at all ( course they did)! The cake was filled with fresh raspberries, blackberry's and more with buttercream & whipped cream. My mouth is just watering thinking about it again!

Here is the cake! Don't you love the Teddy Bear, the pillows, the rattler says I love Dad and the Bib says I love Mom........Love the pink fondant coverlet, don't you? Course the lily's of the valley smelled almost as good as the cake itself.

Krissy gave the eight fabulous ladies that hosted the shower each a Beach Haus Designs necklace! They each got to pick from an assortment and then if was boxed & wrapped up for them as a thank you for all of their hard & loving work! A couple of the gals loved their necklaces so much they put them on right then & modeled for everyone! Krissy also gifted the little hostesses with Beach Princess Jewelry. They loved their little necklaces full of sparkling crowns, bunnies, hearts & bumble bees!

It was a beautiful day.
Then to our surprise......2 days later Aunt Krissy was in the hospital having her baby girl! She was due in 3 weeks......All is well with everyone and Baby Alexandra is just a stunning little girl with two very happy parents! Congrats to the new family!!!