Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Vintage Tassled Rose Class in Tucson

I know that this will not come as a big surprise to most of you as you know how I feel about all things that sparkle & shine as well as my love for Crystallized Swarovski Elements. So it took me all of 2 seconds to respond with a resounding YES that I would be delighted to teach again at the Create Your Style Event in Tucson for 2010 when they invited me back this year to teach a class. Just tell me when & where and I am there!!!
So, I am happy to say that I will be at the
on February 2, 2010!
This year, I am teaching a class called Vintage Tassled Rose in Tucson at the Create Your Style Showroom and would love to have you join me while we create a beautiful necklace I am sure that you will love when completed. We will create a necklace is full of modern vintage with a touch of old world romance and charm. Using various wire wrapping techniques, we will create an eye catching necklace that is full of beautiful crystal pearls and sparkling crystals with a tassled flair that you are sure to love for a lifetime.
Although the class is level is listed at intermediate, those that are beginners are certainly welcome to join in the fun as well!
Learning various techniques is always a good thing!
I know that I am looking forward to taking some classes myself. I love to be challenged and learn new techniques to use and adapt into my own designs. Don't you???
Honestly, I can't think of a better place to take fabulous classes as well as have the opportunity to be inspired as well as see a wide range of fun demos at the Create Your Style showroom hosted some amazing instructors & Create Your Style Ambassadors like myself. Hint, Hint: I will be showing you how to create a fun, colorful and of course, sparkling watch bracelet using wire wrapping techniques during my free demo in the showroom on February 2nd in the afternoon, please come by say hi & join in the fun. You won't be disappointed!
Sparkles!!! Can't wait to see you in Tucson!!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

5328 Xilion Inspiration Design

You never know when or where inspiration will strike. For me, it was a combination of things, not just one specific moment.

First, I heard that Crystallized Swarovski Elements was phasing out one of my favorite crystals the 5301 Bicone and was replacing it with the new 5328 Xilion.

To say that I was curious as to why they would bringing out a new element would be an understatment but I have to say I LOVE the new & improved crystal which is still in my favorite bicone shape but has more facets to it and since I love wirework the old 5301 would sometimes be a little crunchy at the edges and the new 5328 Xilion was smooth and fabulous. I think, no I know, that I am in serious like with this new crystal!

Course I love any Crystallized Swarovski Element so I am a bit of an easy sell but when it sparkles more and is actually easier to use in a variety of designs then it is a huge win in my book!

So, I was challenged as a Create Your Style with Crystallized Swarovski Elements Ambassador to come up with a inspirational design and try out the new 5328 Xilion crystal........I thought, I pondered.......I wanted to do something that was sometime fun, yet would make a statement of sorts.
I have been working on improving my Adobe Illustrator skill set as I have been working as a Jewelry Product Designer in addition to my normal wife, mom, jewelry designer & Create Your Style Ambassador life, designing components (pendants, connectors, beads, clasps, etc....) so I thought it would be natural to design my piece using some of my new learnings with Illustrator.
Course sometimes what is designed on paper is well.....very different in how it looks when you actually have to make it, right???? Add to it that I love creating jewelry that looks relatively simple to create but is stilll a bit more complicated than it first appears. But here it is!

I was pleasantly surprised not only with the new crystal but also with how the design came out and looked pretty darn close to my drawing.
This necklace was fun to create and definitely makes statement when worn! I hope that you love it and are inspired to try the new 5328 Xillon crystal and create a statement of your own!



Saturday, September 12, 2009

Crystallized Swarovski Elements Ambassadors

Course I told you all about this a while back that I was more than honored to be a part of the new Ambassador program for Crystallized Swarovski Elements and the designers that I am in the company of.......well...Amazing!!!
So it is all up and live on the Create Your Style website so that you can go and check out my fellow ambassadors, read all about them, check out ambassador blogs and articles, designs, etc......( I will be posting in the months to come). Also, there is a great forum for those of us that love Crystallized Swarovski Elements in our home, apparel and jewelry. Check it out!!!
Enjoy reading about all the sparkling Ambassadors and I encourage you to join the Create Your Style will love it!
Ambassador Sparkles to you!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm Back.....

I'm really!!!! It has been a whirlwind spring and so far summer.......lots of changes but still working on new designs, just have to get them uploaded to the site, etc..... Promise to share some here soon!!!
Have lots to tell and catch up on but most will have to wait till later but one thing I am excited about is that I am happy to report that I will be back at the Crystallized Swarovski Elements- Create Your Style Showroom in Tucson, AZ this coming February to teach a fabulous class called Vintage Tassled Rose Necklace! It will be full of yummy Crystallized Swarovski Elements pearls, vintage brass chain and of course those sparkling Crystallized Swarovski Elements crystals. Can't wait to share pictures with you soon!
Made a bracelet today that is full of fun design
that I will hopefully get some good pictures of and share soon with everyone!!
So for now, I am happy to be back at Sparkles from Beach Haus Designs and can't wait to start showing you all the things that are brewing here at the Beach Studios!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Working, Working & Celebrating

Let's get to the celebrating first don't you think.......
First off, Happy Earth Day a day late. Course is there ever a time to not celebrate Mother Earth and all of the beautiful things that we sometime take for granted to be thankful for everyday? Everyday should be Earth Day, don't you think?
Second, well.....I finally got my official Create Your Style™Crystallized™-Swarovski Elements Ambassador bag filled with lots of fabulous goodies including my official sparkling certificate and much more! Included was the book "Design Expressions From Brail & Russia" that featured some amazing designs from several of my fellow ambassadors
Margot Potter, Fernando DaSilva and Lisa Pavelka!So excited about this new role that I am sparkling here & there and everywhere these days.......Course how can you not love to sparkle?

So now on to the working.........been in the studio creating lots of new goodies,some I will be posting shortly and others well......I just can't yet because they are for some magazine submissions as well as possibilities for classes for 2010 that I just can't share until given the good word, ya know? But when the time is right, I promise I will share! Course, I will let you in on a little secret......they are LOTS of Crystallized™ Swarovski Elements in all of my designs!! Bet you are surprised by that admission! Course those of you who know me well......well, you already know how much I love my sparkles!
I have also been hard at work on our new collection of the June Beach Collection of jewelry
and it will be rolling out very very soon to stores. If you are interested in carrying the line in your fabulous store just contact us and we can get you some information. I honestly can't wait to share these new goodies....and yes, again lots of Crystallized™Swarovski Elements in this sparkling necklaces, bracelets & earrings too!
So off to get busy!
Have a Sparkling Day!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sparkling Goodies

I always like when I have the chance to add some new goodies to the website!
So, here are a few new little sparkles that I thought you might like......this is only the beginning of what is we are about to start loading onto the Beach Haus Designs website.
I love this 3-pc set. I don't offer these as a set very often but I thought the pieces just really compliment each other so well I hated to separate them!
This is a beautiful necklace full of Citrine and Crystallized Swarovski Elements Crystals! Stunning!
For those purple loving people, here is a great necklace full of sparkling Crystallized with Swarovski Elements crystals and Amethyst.
Doesn't this necklace just bring a smile to your face due to the happy colors? We all need a little happy in our lives don't you agree?
Love this necklace, the colors remind me a the beautiful waters on
Lake Michigan during the summer.....summer is coming soon,right?
This is another set that we are offering again it just goes together so nicely......Girly Girl!
I have lots of new vintage coming you way shortly and some beautiful new authentic beach glass! Can't wait to share some of those new pieces starting next week.
Till then....
Have a sparkling day!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Inspired to Soar Links

Every friday or saturday I will post on my blog some links to an amazing diverse group of ladies that I truly admire and a member of a wonderful entrepreneurial community, Women Take Wing.

The Women Take Wing! blog showcases these and other participating member's blogs & profiles so that our readers have the opportunity to learn about some of these inspiring women many of whom are mixed media artists, jewelry designers, home decor and lifestyle experts, financial gurus, handbag designers, graphic artists, photographers, tea experts and much much more.......

I am sure you will agree as you get to know them in the coming weeks that there is a wealth of knowledge and sparkle to each of their blogs in their particular specialty.......

So here we go!

This weeks Inspired To Soar Links are:

Sparkles from Beach Haus Designs- Exciting things are happening from becoming an Ambassador for Crystallized Swarovski Elements to new design techniques. Check out what is happening at the beach!

Keeper of the Pennies talks about averting disaster as a single employee when life hands you unexpected changes.

Raised In Cotton Blog - Carol is headed to the beautiful Texas Hill Country to shop the wonderful antique shows taking place!

Island Tea Bits Dori announces Island Tea Company's Spring Fling sale and shares photos of her building's completed exterior re-do.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sparkles with Crystallized Swarovski Elements

Well, I have sent in my all paperwork and now I am waiting on my box with lots of sparkling goodies inside as part of my becoming a Crystallized Swarovski Elements Ambassador along with 19 other fabulous designers........what an honor! Truly! I will share more soon but to be able to help promote a brand that I personally love so much well's thrilling!
Here I am finishing my demonstration of my Sassy Sparkling Watch Bracelet that I did in the Tucson showroom and my friend another Crystallized Swarovski Ambassador, Jamie North.

This is an exciting time for Beach Haus Designs & myself as I am embarking on new design techniques that I will be telling you more about later as well as teaching more which I am really excited about......working on new class submissions as we speak . I also have some other fun things in the works that I can't talk about yet but promise to tell when I can.
Beach Haus Designs is also on
and we would be thrilled if you wanted to join our page as a fan!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

50% Off Sale Extended

We are extending our Spring 50% off sale till Saturday March 20th!

Remember to use coupon code: spring09 at checkout
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Our jewelry makes the perfect gift for birthdays, graduations
and of course Mother's Day!

You can stock up at these prices!! Use coupon code: spring09

Have a sparkling day!

Monday, March 16, 2009

50% off sale

Beach Haus Designs
Spring 50% off Sale

Yes you read it right!

Beach Haus Designs is having our Spring 50% off sale starting today through Thursday at the website

Use coupon code: spring09
at checkout to receive your 50% off discount off your total order!

We're making room to bring you our new Spring/Summer 2009 line that we are sure you will fall in love with but first we are offering you a special 50% off sale on some beautiful pieces of jewelry that is sure to brighten your day!

Keep in mind that Graduation's, Mother's Day as well as wedding season are all around the corner so why not stock up at Beach Haus Designs while the prices are well......just fantastic!!!

To start shopping visit us at remember to use coupon code: spring09 in order to get your discount at checkout!

Have a sparkling day!

Beach Haus Designs

Friday, March 6, 2009

Frozen Bay

I have to say one of the things that I love about Northern Michigan is the peace and serenity of when we are here in the winter and you see the beautiful waters of Lake Michigan
and its bays frozen over with snow and ice.
Being from the south originally, well this just isn't a site
that you normally see down there, LOL!!!

Little assistant #1 and hubby were out there yesterday shooting video, pictures, snowshoeing and having such a good time........just sweet, beautiful and inspiring don't you think?
So I am up early this morning, working in the UpNorth studio on some new ideas and designs that were dancing through my head last night like the sugar plums at Christmas.......watching the new day start and seeing all the frozen wonder on the bay.........I am always at some of my most creative up here seeing Mother Nature's handiwork.

Who knows what I will come up with today before heading back to the Muth studio with the little assistants.

Wishing you a sparkling & inspiring day!

Snowy sparkles


Wednesday, March 4, 2009


hummm, you know when you have those days that you wake up, it's sunny, happy (not too cold, LOL), you get good emails and inspiration just hits you in a really good way? Well, I am having one of those days.......lots of fun new things on the horizon, trying to broaden my horizons too......can't talk too much about it all right now but hopefully it will all pay off. Fingers crossed, toes crossed and lots of praying happening in the BHD studios.......
Well off to create some new sparkles from all of this sunny inspiration that is coming my way........I will share soon!!! Promise!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Jewelry

So I am trying to get back in the groove of things and to start off my to-do list today I am posting some new jewelry that I finally got photographed and ready to put on the website and blog! YIPPEE!
I love this double strand cool necklace! Full of wood coco beads, freshwater pearls & Crystallized Swarovski elements crystals it is perfect to go with everything! Don't you agree!

Just Beachy is one of a kind and my return to my roots with our authentic beach glass (or some people love to call it sea glass) jewelry. I love the color of this beach glass is a a beautiful shade of aqua that we have wrapped and embellished with Crystallized Swarovski Elements crystals and sterling silver. Fabulous.........
Golden Venice is a classic, elegant necklace of sterling silver, vermeil, Crystallized Swarovski Elements crystals and a fabulous Murano glass pendant. Stunning!Circle of Blue is just fun & cute!! Dress it up, dress it down......
I love the swing factor in the tassel don't you?

All of these pieces are available on the website with some more being added shortly!

Have a Sparkling Day!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sparkling Party in Tucson

Our last night in Tucson was just a blast....the annual Crystallized Swarovski Elements party was held in the courtyard in the new location for the showroom & classes this year. So we had a beautiful, perfect evening under the Tucson stars with music, drinks,friends & fun....who can ask for much more!

At the party & under the Tucson the lighting & catus! Hubby took this isn't it?

The classes and demos went well. Here I am getting ready for my students.....

Here I am working hard at the Demo booth in the Crystallized Swarovski Elements Showroom showing how to make my Sparkling Crystal Watch Bracelet!
My new friend the talented, Jamie North from Canada! Her earring demo followed mine at the showroom.....see all those sparkles behind us....each one was a fabulous Crytallized Swarovski Elements crystal.....They were fabulous in person!

One of the best things of the week was that I was invited along with 19 other designers to become an ambassador for Crystallized Swarovski Elements.........I am beyond honored to say the least!!! I will let you know more about that later but I am doing a sparkling crystal dance.

Isn't this just a sparkling was in the showroom in Tucson!

I met some other instuctors that to just say that they are talented is not doing them justice at all! They are some of the most amazing, super talented ladies and gentlemen that I have had the pleasure to know.......I feel so inspired just being around them! One of the gals that I met was Jamie North. She is FABULOUS! Wait till you have a chance to take a peek at some of her jewelry....amazing! You have to check out her Glitz N Kitz Website if you are looking for some new design ideas and yes, she sells both kits & finished jewelry.
Here is Leslee, Jamie & myself at the party!

Also Deb Simon......the gal has done it all! Fabulous and she has a new book out. We were teaching classes side by side.
One of the instuctors that is so nice, sweet and super talented is Valeen Hirata. She is just adorable and what a pleasure to meet her!
Leslee Frumin is a bead & metal artists that is just an amazing instuctor......She lives in California but originally lived in Michigan so we of course hit it! Truly a wonderful lady and very talented . She has been teaching for many years. I am thinking I will need to check out one of her classes in the near future!
There were so many more wonderfully talented instuctors there and several that I didn't get to meet but had hoped to so maybe next time!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hanging out in Tucson!

Well, for a good old southern gal like myself who now lives in the cold, snowy area known as Michigan to say that I am back in the sun again is a happy day for me!! The weather here in Tucson has been fabulous, sunny & hot ....just like I love it!

Completed my class and my showroom demonstration yesterday for Crystallized Swarovski Elements- Create Your Style workshops. What fun it was! I will post pictures I promise shortly that hubby took for me while I was "working", LOL!! Have to get the pictures uploaded into my computer so that I can post them for you. I truly feel so honored that they loved one of my designs enough to allow me to teach it to some students. I had the best students by the way, these women were rocking the design in a big way and they all loved the fact that it was copper! Go figure......

Off to check out some of the goodies at some of the other shows today......will post later on those finds as well......

Also, looking forward to meeting some guys & gals who I have long admired are such an inspiration to me while I am in Tucson. I will keep you posted on that as well!

Sunny Sparkles to everyone!


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Getting Ready For Tucson

I've been getting everything finished up, packed up and shipped out for my class, Northern Copper Sky Necklace and In Showroom demo both on February 3rd for the Create Your Style with CRYSTALLIZED-Swarovski Elements Eventin Tucson, AZ.

Here are some of the sparkling Swarovski Crystals and other supplies that will be used in my class! We are making the Northern Copper Sky Necklace, which is a perfect wire wrapping class for everyone from a beginner on up plus copper is such a hot metal these days. I know that you will love the class if you sign up! I will be showing in class some other variations of the necklace too for those who love a bigger more dramatic necklace to those who love the style but want a smaller version.......FUN!!!!Come see me in Tucson, sign up for my class Northern Copper Sky Necklace
on February 3rd at Swarovski's website
Create Your Style with CRYSTALLIZED-Swarovski Elements Event

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

To New Beginnings!

This is a big day for all American's.....the Inaguration of a new President! Honestly, I am such a history buff that I love this day for so many reasons.....all the history beginning, all the history revisted as well as all the hope for change and well.... hope. After all, 2008 was a trying year for everyone and 2009 has started off a bit rough for many as well with so much bad news around the world. We all need a little hope and something great to celebrate.

So to this day of new beginnings.....I wish our new President godspeed and much success. He has much to live up to on so many fronts but to be in a position to give everyone and not just those of us that live in the beautiful United States of America such a positive feeling of hope and change is well a nice feeling, don't you agree?

I am off to watch the festivities, parade, the address and of course the balls to see what everyone is wearing, LOL!!! Inspiration comes from everywhere!

God Bless America and God Bless you Mr. President!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year

Sitting here realizing how long it has been since I posted.....Bad me!! Having some coffee, listening to the little assistants play princess in the other room.

Have lots to do and of course time is of essence for all of us isn't it???? Orders to ship, bags to finish unpacking, things to pack up, ordering last minute supplies for my upcoming class & demo for Create Your Style with Crystallized - Swarovski Elements on February 3rd. Very excited about heading to Tucson and checking out all of the new goodies.........

I am going to keep this short for now but promise to post more this week!