Saturday, October 17, 2009

5328 Xilion Inspiration Design

You never know when or where inspiration will strike. For me, it was a combination of things, not just one specific moment.

First, I heard that Crystallized Swarovski Elements was phasing out one of my favorite crystals the 5301 Bicone and was replacing it with the new 5328 Xilion.

To say that I was curious as to why they would bringing out a new element would be an understatment but I have to say I LOVE the new & improved crystal which is still in my favorite bicone shape but has more facets to it and since I love wirework the old 5301 would sometimes be a little crunchy at the edges and the new 5328 Xilion was smooth and fabulous. I think, no I know, that I am in serious like with this new crystal!

Course I love any Crystallized Swarovski Element so I am a bit of an easy sell but when it sparkles more and is actually easier to use in a variety of designs then it is a huge win in my book!

So, I was challenged as a Create Your Style with Crystallized Swarovski Elements Ambassador to come up with a inspirational design and try out the new 5328 Xilion crystal........I thought, I pondered.......I wanted to do something that was sometime fun, yet would make a statement of sorts.
I have been working on improving my Adobe Illustrator skill set as I have been working as a Jewelry Product Designer in addition to my normal wife, mom, jewelry designer & Create Your Style Ambassador life, designing components (pendants, connectors, beads, clasps, etc....) so I thought it would be natural to design my piece using some of my new learnings with Illustrator.
Course sometimes what is designed on paper is well.....very different in how it looks when you actually have to make it, right???? Add to it that I love creating jewelry that looks relatively simple to create but is stilll a bit more complicated than it first appears. But here it is!

I was pleasantly surprised not only with the new crystal but also with how the design came out and looked pretty darn close to my drawing.
This necklace was fun to create and definitely makes statement when worn! I hope that you love it and are inspired to try the new 5328 Xillon crystal and create a statement of your own!