Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Thought that I would just post a few beautiful pictures that have inspired me and hopefully will spark some creative inspiration regardless of what you create ( jewelry, mixed media, metal, scrapbooking, apparel crafts,etc) please feel free to email me or post here and let me know what you are creating! 
I always love to see what everyone is working on......let's get inspired together!

 A striking sunset

 I love the colors that Mother Nature uses when she paints the sky, don't you?

 I took this picture on one of my recent trips.......

 A beach rose, simply beautiful!

 A rainbow

 A perfect day!

 Yellow poppies, the color just makes me smile!

 Recyled cans for painting..... these flowers! Took this picture in Tucson

So what inspires you???




Landon Harris said...

I enjoyed this pictures. God's creation is very inspiring!

Sasmita said...

Natural beauty is the inspiring force behind each of our creative work. I don't find anything more beautiful than this. Good pic . Visit my blog

Unknown said...


Congratulations for your beautiful blog, we really loved this post, beautiful pictures of what inspires you.

Keep blogging. Cheers!

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