Saturday, February 23, 2008

Happy Birthday To My Littlest Assistant!

She is a whopping 1!!!!
Can't believe it has been a year.......course isn't that what every mom says, LOL!

The adorable sparkling crown that I got Little Assistant #2 to wear for her big day is from Frenchgardenhouse. Lidy has just the Most wonderful things in her shop to choose from........definitely worth your time to hope over to her website and do some shopping.......
course, she doesn't come with the crown, LOL!!!

Hope you have a sparkling & wonderous day!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Girl Party & TuTu Heaven

Ok, so I will post shortly about all the goodies that I found in Tucson as well as many others things including my littlest assistant's first birthday!!
But.....I have to toot the horn of a dear friend that I adore that has started her new business creating adorable tutu's.

Kim is well, I am happy to say just fabulous designing gal! She is funny, smart and the mom of two adorable little girls who happily are close in age to my two little assistants so they get together & have what they call Girl Parties with lots of giggles & twirls thrown in for good measure! Hence, Girl Party Tutu's!

My oldest daughter LOVES these tutu's and has been more than pleased to be a guinea pig for Kim's wonderful fluffy tutu's.........The cutie above is her #2 assistant!!! Adorable isn't she? Course I am totally biased! You should see 4 little girls all in fluffy tutu's tearing through the studio.......too cute for words!
If you are looking for some fun dress up tutu's for your sweetie or have a prima ballerina then check out Girl Party Tutu's at Kim is happy to do custom orders & ships everywhere! Doesn't get much better than that does it? I have no doubt that you won't be disappointed!