Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Is there a better way to start a holiday weekend than with the Blue Angels flying over the bay, Cherry Festival about to start, friends, family, cookouts and lots of fabulous fireworks?
I don't think so.........it is the perfect way!
Seeing the Blue Angels is always a highlight for me since I was a little girl and to now be able to share that with our daughters is an absolute delight!!
Cherry Festival in Traverse City, MI is the kickoff and celebration of all that is cherry and for me, not much compares to a fabulous fresh cherry or cherry pie from
the World's Cherry Capital!
Amazing Lake Michigan sunsets, didn't get to see the Northern Lights on this vist but this sunset was pretty amazing....check out the rays.......it was like the Northern Lights but during sunset. Beautiful, the picture still doesn't do it justice!
Fireworks, again who doesn't like those?? The little assistants thought they were pretty fabulous this year as we got to see several great firework shows!!!

Again the pictures don't do the sparkling fireworks shows justice but well, had to share! Then of course at midnight, it was my birthday!! What a great way to start a special day! Friends, family, fireworks, cherry pie, amazing sunsets, sunny days on the beach......equals a perfect holiday weekend.
Hope you had a sparkling weekend as well !!!

God Bless the USA!
Red, White & Blue Sparkles