Friday, September 14, 2007

Dreaming of Blogs.......

Ok, have you ever had a night where you really, I mean really, needed a good night's sleep? I am sure everyone has experienced this at some point. Being the mom to two young girls needless to say, sleep isn't something that I have been getting a lot of these days. LOL!
So the other night after launching our BHD blog, well all I could do was dream about in my few hours of sleep was blogs, blogs & more blogs! I dreamed about my blog, changes that should be made to the blog, Amy's cute blog, Deb's fun blog, Carmen's way with words on her blog, jewelry blogs, gift blogs and so on and so brain was running 50 mph with BLOGS! Needless to say that this is a new frontier for me and Beach Haus Deisgns but a fun one that I am looking forward to doing. My husband just grinned when he noticed that I had a blog now (like I don't already have enough to do during the day).
Oh well, looking forward to learning more about blogs and continue searching out fabulous new blogs and reading those that I already love! Hopefully, they just won't interfere with my sleep deprived state anymore..........

This is our fabulous Olive necklace!! You should see how it sparkles with al the fabulous Swarovski Crystals!! Beautiful!

So we are working on the new ad for Southern Lady Magazine......having a hard time getting the exact photo that we want but it wil be featuring some of our adorable santa's! We do great with our whimsical peices and this time of the year and we are doing lots of great fall & holiday peices on the website as well as some special peieces that will be exclusive to our wholesale accounts and some for the handful of shows that we will be doing during the holidays.

Here are some of the pieces if you want to take a quick peek.......they have handblown glass & handmade santa's. venetian beads, swarovksi crystals and off course sterling silver......they are far more adorable in person than even in the pictures......

The snowmen are on their way soon but don't think they will make the ad this year but lots of new ones will be on the website shortly. Here is a peek at one of our all time best sellers!

Isn't our Joe Cool Snowman just the cutest thing ever! Needless to say we sell a TON of these to stores & customers in all the sunny places in the country. Can't begin to tell you how many we have shipped to Florida & California! We are going to do some new versions of him this year in pink & black, blues and then the one that you see above! Too cute!!

SHOW ALERT: We will be heading out of the studio next Thursday to head to Virginia for our annual show in Occoquan on Sept 29-30! We have been there for several years and just love going out there(course it helps that we get to see some wonderful family members as well while we are there). We are going to be on Mill Street in our new location right at Union. Please come by say hi & check out all of the wonderful designs that we are doing that will be exclusively at the show!
We are also looking for to the Beach Annual Pre-Party at my sister in law's that we do every year that a lot of our long time customers (now good friends) attend so that we can catch up with everyone before the show begins. Such a good time! Jan & Jenny are just fabulous hostess's with the most!

Back to the studio so that we can be ready with lots of goodies for the show & the website.........

Have a sparkling Day!!!



FrenchGardenHouse said...


When I first started blogging, I couldn't sleep for four nights in a row!

I love your new designs, they are beautiful. They are the perfect start to the holiday season...inspiring me to get in the "spirit"

June Beach said...


Nice to know that I am not the only one that couldn't sleep! LOL!! I am glad to hear that you are already getting in the holiday spirit! Hard not to when fall is in the air........Have a great day!!