Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Golf & The Capitol

Wow, such a worldwind since we got to Virigina! Got here Thursday night about midnight (fun travelling with a 3 year old & a 7 month old. Those quick little stops turn into a half hour stop, LOL! I am sure all of you mom's out there can relate in a big way. Actually the trip was fairly easy for the most part.

Friday was the golf tournament that was telling you about in the last post. Fabulous weather, could not have been a nicer day to be honest! Great turnout, they had 10 more golfers than last year, over a hundred golfers!!

The event is just fantastic especially when you consider that it is all going for scholarships for two students.....just love that!

Later there was a dinner after everyone came in from the golf course, with raffle prizes ( including a Beach Haus Designs piece, our best selling Amanda necklace, that several of the gals were fighting over, LOL)

I have been busy busy busy making lots of new pieces even while I am here in Virginia! Nice having my wonderful models & sounding boards J & J here with me. They LOVE seeing all of the new designs first!!!LOL!!

I will post some of the new pieces in the next post for you to take a peek at! Course everyone that comes to visit us at the show in Occoquan will get to see them in person. We will be on Mill Street if you want to stop by see the jewerly & say hi! Look for our Beach Haus Designs sign on the tent as well as the bright colored stripes inside. Can't wait to see everyone!

Yesterday we spent the day as a family in DC, which for all of the times that we have been here, we have never really spent any time there seeing the sights, we were really overdue, don't you think?
We took the Metro train in, the girls both really LOVED that and made friends with everyone on the train, of course! Once there, we headed to the Washington Monument to go up in the top and it was fantastic! Such great views......I had wanted to go up there for years.

We had contacted our Senator to get a Capitol tour and we just loved it! Did you know that if you stand on the star in the Crypt that it is supposed to bring you good luck? So of course, we had to do that!
Saw so much more than I can even write about but needless to say we had a great time! Looking forward to taking the girls to the National Zoo at some point to see the Panda's.........another day.

Have a sparkling day!


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