Monday, September 17, 2007

Wins, Losses, New Jewelry & Golf!

Ok, well hope your weekend was great. It was a bit cold here in Frankenmuth but at least it was sunny & Michigan finally won! Boy, that made my husband very happy on Saturday....actually it made a lot of U of M alumni & fans VERY happy after the last 2 weekends. GO BLUE! Bummer though that my beloved Razorbacks lost to Alabama... otherwise it would have been a perfect weekend. Maybe next saturday........

Cheers to U of M!!! GO BLUE!!!

An extra little bonus for me was that this was my first weekend alone since my youngest daughter was born 7 months ago. DH took the girls and headed UpNorth to Traverse City to take care of some things at the cottage so I got to catch up on some much needed sleep and work a lot in the studio!!!!!!! YIPPEEEE! Can't wait to show off some of the new designs to everyone!

My Husband's favorite place in the world..........Simply beautiful, don't you think?

Ok so are you ready to see some new jewelry????? I know I have been so happy designing some of the new pieces. Feel that I am back in a really good groove again and feeling very inspired! Only wish I could show you everything that I made but for now these will have to do, LOL!!

So here we go.............

This is our new Nadra Necklace with cool Kiwi stone, Swarovksi crystal, black onyx & black tiger's eye. Totally cool, don't you think?

This beauty is our Flo necklace. It is full of Fluorite, Amethyst, Swarovski crystal and a cool oxidized pendant. The colors in this necklace is just beautiful! I LOVE the pendant though....

This is our Julia Necklace full of Black Onyx, Swarovski crystals, jasper & cool sterling silver chain. Plus it is nice & long so it is great with a t-shirt or that great winter sweater that you have your eye on......This one is one of my new personal favorites!

Ok, so finally got the picture that I wanted for the new Southern Lady Magazine ad. Took me longer than I had hoped but I have had the worst computer problems and camera issues this past week, UGH!!!!

I am just in love with our Cool Snowman Cluster Necklace!!! Full of handblown glass, Swarovski crystals and of course the cutest Snowman!

The Pretty in Pink Snowflake necklace is so sweet. Rose Quartz, handblown glass beads, sterling silver & Swarovski crystals....what's not to love?

I think that our poinsettia necklace ( called our Holiday Pearls Necklace) is so classic and well perfect for any event that you might have during the holiday season, don't you think?

Well, that's it for now.......running to pack up the studio for our trip to Virginia & the DC area!

Have a Sparkling Day!



Ruth Welter said...

Hi June, I'm a new member on Bliss Guild and I'm looking around at everyone's blogs and sites as much as I can. You make some very lovely jewelry. Enjoy your new blog. It is pretty addictive tho so get ready.

June Beach said...

Hi Ruth! Welcome & thank you so much for your comments about the blog. I am enjoying it as well! Glad to hear that others are enjoying it as well! See you at BG!