Thursday, November 8, 2007

I'm back in the studio!

Greetings from the Beach Haus Studio!

Ok, so I am finally back! At home & the studio!!! YIPPEEE! Only downside is it is snowing outside, UGH!!!! I am such the southern girl that the first sign of snow makes me a bit sad as I know it will be a while before I see all of my beautiful flowers again........but Christmas (my favorite holiday) is right around the corner so that means lots of decorating, parties, food, friends, fun and maybe this year will be our first Beach Haus Designs Open House......hummmmmm!

SO..............We have been travelling fools for the last month & a half going to Virginia, DC, Florida, Arkansas and Indiana. I can't begin to tell you what a great time we have had at all of our shows & with our wonderful customers. How great it is to be able to visit with our customers in person, hear their feedback and thoughts on new designs and pieces that they already own and just love, love, love. Warms my heart so much!!!!!

Our Florida show was out of this world! Great sales,fabulous customers and the gals that do the show are truly some of the best anywhere! Hats off to them and all of the charities that will get the benefit of their hard work........

I am sure all of you will agree with me there is nothing better than going home of our latest shows was in my homestate of Arkansas. To say that going home to visit friends & family is wonderful is such an understatement! The girls had such a good time with everyone and I had a fabulous show at Dazzle Daze in Conway. Only wish that we could have stayed longer but back to Michigan we had to go...............

So now back in the studio and BOY at we cooking up some extra special fabulous jewelry for you, the holidays, New Years, Valentines Day and yes...... Spring 2008!!!! (Have to get ready some great jewelry for all of our great wholesale accounts so that they have plenty of goodies for you to see in person all over the country)

I will post some new pictures later today and tomorrow for you to drool over ( only wish they always looked as great in the pictures as they do in person, LOL)

Have a wonderfully warm & sparkling day!


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BellaColle said...

Hi! Uggh...snow?! I'm from Georgia originally...and when the calander turns to October, here in Wisconsin I just cringe.. Your creations are sooo pretty! so glad you had such an awesome trip! Nothin' like getting the creative juices flowin.