Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm Back.....

I'm back....no really!!!! It has been a whirlwind spring and so far summer.......lots of changes but still working on new designs, just have to get them uploaded to the site, etc..... Promise to share some here soon!!!
Have lots to tell and catch up on but most will have to wait till later but one thing I am excited about is that I am happy to report that I will be back at the Crystallized Swarovski Elements- Create Your Style Showroom in Tucson, AZ this coming February to teach a fabulous class called Vintage Tassled Rose Necklace! It will be full of yummy Crystallized Swarovski Elements pearls, vintage brass chain and of course those sparkling Crystallized Swarovski Elements crystals. Can't wait to share pictures with you soon!
Made a bracelet today that is full of fun design
that I will hopefully get some good pictures of and share soon with everyone!!
So for now, I am happy to be back at Sparkles from Beach Haus Designs and can't wait to start showing you all the things that are brewing here at the Beach Studios!!!

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