Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bridal Jewelry

One of the things that we do at Beach Haus Designs is bridal & bridal party jewelry! Course we do it in custom colors as well as thought I would share some jewelry with you just to get the thinking cap on especially since these pieces although in the Bridal category are not just for special occasions but perfect for everyday wear, so don't be afraid to grab one for yourself!
Some of our new designs shown here are in fall colors but any of these could easily be converted into other color options ( all pink, all black, all crystal, all green, mix of pastels, mix brights, so on & on but you get the pictures) and of course the necklaces & earrings are perfect for all of the other outfits in your closet not just the bridesmaid dress!, LOL!!!I have these earrings already in several colors ( pink, crystal, green, black, champagne, etc) as I love how they just dangle down, swing a bit, sparkle through my hair & brighten my face with the Swarovski crystals........these should be a staple in everyone's accessory wardrobe, seriously!
The chain on this necklace is just quietly beautiful.........perfect for a more conservative look. Can you picture this one in all black or all black & crystal for a fantastic black & white look...?
This is our Christy style, just imagine it in all pink crystal or black or green, or blue or frankly any combination that you could think of, LOL!!! Adorable, love the tassle, don't you?Cute earrings perfect for any outfit!This is our Trixie necklace, three strands, full of Swarovski crystals and faceted ruby red jade.....just love it! Can totally see it with a great pair of jeans & a tank or with that fabulous new suit for the office.......stunning & stylish, don't you think??This beauty is Michelle....classic, elegant with just enough sass not to be boring.....again, full of sparkle which is exactly what I love to add to all of our designs!

Let us know what designs you like best as well as feel free to contact us at if you have a wedding coming up. We would love to help make your special day sparkle even more!

(P.S.- we do even more extra special designs & surprises for our brides and don't forget the flower girl.....our Beach Princess line has some adorable options for her!)



Gabriela said...


Such beautiful pieces!

~ Gabriela ~

June Beach said...

Thanks Gabriela!