Monday, September 22, 2008

Fancy Nancy, Preschool & Snowmen

Been a busy few weeks so forgive me for being gone for a bit......

Little Assistant #1 had a big Fancy Nancy birthday party, can we say TOO CUTE again!! Little girls dressed in tutu's & princess dresses flying around the yard, in swings, riding the jeep & trikes, etc...around the driveway.....cute, funny, perfect day!Simply beautful, don't you agree?

Back to Beach Haus Designs business, leaving on Wednesday for Virginia for a golf tournament & a show. So been working on lots of yummy goodies, lots of one of a kinds, etc.....can't wait to get out there & see everyone. I just love hearing what our customers love & what they are looking for.........gets my creative juices flowing.

Just finished the new Southern Lady ad for Nov/Dec which is full of our Polka Dotted Snowman very cute!
Also, got our rooms booked for Tucson for February.....can you believe I am thinking that far ahead??? Not me but very excited about heading out there this coming year.......

Have some other things brewing but one day at a time they say, right????

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