Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ever have one of those days?

Ever have one of those days where you have tons to do but for some reason it seems that nothing really gets quite done.......well.....that was yesterday! Can you say UGH with me? UGH!!!!!! The only major thing that I seem to have accomplished was updating the BHD blog here as well as playing taxi for Little Assistant #1 yesterday for preschool, little eagles & tap class. In reality I got a couple of other things done but not near what I needed to do.......so today is my big kick it in gear day so that we can get packed up, not forget anything & cruise to Virginia as soon as LA#1 gets out of school in the morning.

We have the cutest neighbor, a older gentleman named Mr. Cooper who is always ( I really do mean always) in his garden, waving to everyone as they go by and has the best garden around.........he put out his pumpkins yesterday to sell for much too cheap of a price ( $.50- $1.50 a pumpkin) if you ask me but he does it for the love & joy of it
much to the delight of everyone around.

So in honor of Mr. Cooper here is of our adorable pumpkin necklace, Pumpkin & Pearls
This bracelet almost looks like his garden, Cluster of Pumpkins bracelet!So hope you all have a wonderful, productive day ( wishing myself that as well, LOL) and enjoy the beautiful fall day and the harvest of beautiful pumpkins everywhere.

Pumpkin Sparkles to you!



Gabriela said...


Wonderful designs, nice to see you again...

Visit me anytime.

~ Gabriela ~

Decor To Adore said...

Great images!

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