Friday, January 16, 2015

Artchain Day 5

The Artchain - Day Five
A great way to bring your art to the attention of others is the artchain.
The idea is that for five days in a row you show art made by yourself, on FB, and that each day you nominate someone else to take part. I was nominated by my dear friend, Jamie North

Today, I'm sharing a variety of pieces I made with Swarovski CrystalsSwarovski Create Your Style, beautiful gemstones and various components that I designed in the last few years that I love! Most have been published or taught in some way......this has been so much fun going back and looking at some of my work....I normally don't take the time to do this. Thank you Jamie North for nominating me!

I would like to invite one of my amazingly talented friend, Linda Hartung to come play and show off some of her fabulous, fabulous, fabulous jewelry designs!!!!



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