Wednesday, February 24, 2010

exciting times

Wow!!! Good friends, good times, great beads, great classes and much more!

Saw some amazing new innovations from Crystallized Swarovski Elements (really did you expect me to say anything else??LOL), despite how much I love my Crystallized Swarovski Elements, they really have some amazing new designs coming to all of us in the near future! Some pieces that I am truly chomping at the bits to get my hands on and create some new sparkling jewelry.....very exciting and very innovative! Looking forward to sharing more info in the near future. Their trend presentations are really like no other! Each piece is truly a piece of still my sparkling heart!

Got to spend some time with all of my fellow ambassadors and I can truly say that I although I have found such kinship in some like Jamie North (love my Canadian friend and truly the best!) , Laura Timmons (talented, fashionable and a good Texas girl at heart...what is not to love!), Diane Whiting(my talented sparkle sister), Kristal Wick (just the cutest and yet amazingly, super talented), Linda Hartung ( this lady is so down to earth, amazing and gracious that I am in awe) ,

Linda & Kristal playing around at the Ambassador Reception!
Deb Saucier ( love this lady, what a hoot to be around!), Brenda Schweder ( so talented, seriously), Fernando Dasilvia ( he is well beyond.....fabulous, darling!), Val Hirata ( oozes talent and sparkles.....amazing, this bouquet is just a very tiny bit of her work.......), Sandra Lupo ( adore, I took some of my first bead classes from years ago from this talented lady) and Lillian Chen ( amazing, unique and totally original) just to name a few.....

I took a class with Jamie.....if you ever have the chance to take her Oh So Gorgeous bracelet class, well....jump at the chance( pssstt.....she is teaching it at Bead & Button in June)! She is fabulous and the bracelet is beyond beautiful when finished, take a peek at the pic below!!
Course our guys ( Ben & Kevin) totally connected while we were getting beady & sparkly happy with all of the fabulous goodies that were everywhere in Tucson!My classes & Demo went great! We had tons of fun and everyone finished their Vintage Tassled Rose necklaces! Love when that happens!! See smiling faces.......

A few of my sparkle sisters at the Swarovski Party!

What a way to end an amazing week...even though to be honest, I was truly sick the whole week and was working on numerous projects yet I loved getting inspired by all of these amazing creative designers! So many new ideas and designs sparkling in my head....can't wait to show you what I am dreaming about these days!

Lillian, Kristal, Laura and yours truly! Love, love, love these talented ladies!

Val, Diane, me, Deb & Lillian

Cheers and looking forward to a fabulously sparkling year! Can't wait to share all the new sparkling inspiration with you in the coming months! To my fellow are all the best of the best and I am delighted to be in your inspired and totaly sparkling company......



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