Thursday, June 19, 2008

Girlfriends & New Beach Friend Links

This weekend is going to be a bit of a re-charge as I am heading UpNorth with some girlfriends for a fun girls weekend! YIPPEE! Don't you think we all need one of those? A think a bit of re-charge is in order.....just think of all of the new creative ideas that will be popping out, at least that is hope, right? LOL!

But first I want to leave you with a few new things as well as a couple of links.....

You know me, we have to do "beachy" designs here & I love our new starfish in black lava stone with turqoise & Swarovski crystals!!!
Blue Italy is so light & airy but the Murano glass twist pendant is so beautiful when you can see the gold & white through the glass.......

Candy Jade, Mother of Pearl, Swarovksi crystal & sterling silver.....simply sweet & beautiful!
I think this necklace hits just the right note of sweet & fun, what do you think?? Again, light & airy but still colorful with all the mother of pearl & swarovski crystals

This is a bit of a fall preview so don't get too excited yet.........but I love this necklace full of Smoky quartz crystal pendant, handblown glass, 14ktgf, and vintage carnellian....striking & beautiful!Course I know you are not surprised at all that I have shells in my collection at all, are you? I love abalone shell and this one is double sides so it doesn't matter which way you wear it, perfect!!!

So I am going to start spotlighting on our blog once a week some of
the Beachy Links & Friends that I love so here we go........

I am also very excited to say a dear friend is about to be a grandmother.......Lidy at FrenchGardenHouse!! Congrats! She is in for more fun than she can even begin to imagine. Check out her shop she has beautiful sparkly crowns, gifts and more beautiful things than I can mention here.....

Also, check out Girl Party Tutus for the cutest tutu's for your little one......I just gave one to a friend of mine for her newborn for some adorable baby pictures!

If you are in the market for some fabulous tea you must check out Dori at Island Tea House! She has the yummiest tea and I just love reading the descriptions alone.....

Gina at The Nest has some of the cutest aprons around in her beautiful shop in Eureka Springs.......I love that cute little town so does has such good memories for us!

Gabriela Delworth is just a treasure & her one of a kind crowns are well just that as well!!! I am going to have her make one for Little Assistant #1's upcoming birthday party......I will tell more about the theme & such later.....(Hint: going to be VERY girly this year!!)

I will have more for you next to the beach's of Lake Michigan!!!

Hope you have a Sparkling Day!!

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