Thursday, June 19, 2008

Arte y Pico Award

I am blushing to be honest here........but I had such a nice surprise yesterday ..and I want to share it with you!

Gabriela Delworth has honored me with the Arte y Pico Award!

I am flattered beyond words that she thinks that much of my jewelry! How thoughtful! Thank you Gabriela so very much! Sparkles to you my friend!!

So here is a bit of history on this award.............The Arte y Pico Award was created by Ana, a very talented artist from Uruguay. Visit her blog and admire her work.

Here's the deal:
When you receive it, you need to pass it to other five bloggers who in your opinion: contribute with the blogging community, provide interesting designs and creativity.

I am passing the Arte y Pico Award to:

1-Deb from "Hummadeedledee & Retreat", an amazing designing lady & dear friend who is such the inspiring design expert, fun blog and fantastic artist.... as well as creates just beautiful things. She is such fun! Visit my dear friend!

2-Tracey from "A Cottage Industry", a very talented artist who always has beautiful creations. I love her blog, designs and her cupcakes well...they are just the icing on the cake! Definitely check her out, you'll be glad that you did!

3- Amy from "Inspire Company", an artist, blogger, and inspired friend who always surprises with her own inventive creations as well as I love her magazine where she features other fabulous artists. Visit her if haven't already!

4-Tammy from "Tammy Gilley" a such an amazing fabric artist, who make such beautiful pieces. Her work is colorful, happy, definitely inspired and inspiring! Visit Miss Tammy!

5-Jerusalem from "Storia di Vita", an artist who makes the most amazing banners & so much more. Visit her & her beautiful world!

Sparkles to all of these fabulous artists!!



deb @ homewardFOUND said...

Miss June! I have finally had time to catch up on my favorite blogs, and I find this post - what a wonderful surprise! Thank you so much for your kind words and this very special means so much coming from you, my friend.

(I'm sorry it took me so long to visit..and I WILL be sending you that little cherry tidbit I promised!)

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness! I am so amazed that you have nominated me for this award! How sweet you are and what a great surprise!!! I just subscribed to your blog so I shall be back lots, I promise! I am going to post my nominees soon, so come on by! Thanks my friend - you are always so ENCOURAGING! It just makes my heart happy!

Tammy Gilley said...

You sweet thing, June! Thank you!! I am so behind in my blog reading...what a wonderful surprise when I got to catching up on yours! Thanks, thanks! xotammy

June Beach said...

Miss Deb! I thoroughly meant everything I said! You deserve it! Love hearing all about your recent successes & travels!


June Beach said...


Your welcome! It is always nice to give surprises to those that create such beautiful things from the heart!

Looking forward to meeting you in person soon, when I get home to Arkansas!


June Beach said...


You are so sweet! Glad that you liked your surprise!! You have been an awfully busy gal as of late! Congrats on all of your recent successes!!