Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Scenes from the Beach Haus Designs Studio UpNorth

I get very inspired when we head UpNorth to the cottage & the Beach Haus Designs UpNorth studio and this past two weekends have been no exception! The weather has been fabulous, beautiful sunsets, little assistants playing in the sand & water. Although coming from this true Southern gal, the water is never as warm as I like it but for those that grow up here the chill from the water is absolutely perfect in their world.......we were barely able to keep Little Assistant #1 out of the water even though it ws FREEZING! She thought it was fabulous & wanted to actually go swimming.....thank goodness summer is coming soon!

This coming weekend is Blossom Days on Old Mission and this past weekend was just a stunning sea of cherry blossoms everywhere you looked! White & Pink flowers everywhere you looked in Old Mission and to think shortly all those little blossoms will be juicy red cherries that we will be buying by the boxes at the cute little roadside stands. I have my favorite stands of has the sweetest little couple that you have ever seen, now have all of our family buying from them and they have the BEST cherries you can find on the peninsula! Honest!!!

All the wineries will be open this weekend for Blossom Days and will be doing special barrel tastings, etc with the winemakers. It is such a great weekend to be in Traverse City, Cherry Capital of the World! We have had both of the Little Assistants christening weekends during Blossom Days so that all of our friends & family could experience this fabulous time UpNorth! If you ever have the chance to go during this time, just do it! You won't be disappointed!!!

Simply you are driving you can see East & West Bay of Lake Michigan with all these beautiful blossoms everywhere....

The cherry farmers work is just about to start.........Our neighbors UpNorth have some orchards and boy do they work hard so that everyone can enjoy the cherries as well as those in our ice cream and so much more that we realize.......

Scenes from our beach........we had our first beach fire of the season, YIPPEE!!! Summer is almost here. Can't wait!

No jewelry today just wanted to share some of Mother Natures inspiring spring moments!

Wishing you a Sparkling & Inspiring Day!


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