Friday, March 25, 2011

Belle Armoire Magazine- Spring 2011

I am delighted to say that I have a couple of pieces in Belle Armoire Magazine for Spring 2011!  I have loved this magazine for years. So inspiring.........and this issue is no exception! 
 To be a small part of it makes me smile! 

One of my necklaces in the gallery is all wire wrap & Swarovski Elements crystals.  Love!  The other is a resin piece that I thought was going to look one way, took a detour and turned out to be something completely different than the original direction but isn't that just how the creative process goes sometimes?  It is for me, I try not to get frustrated by the detours but embrace them and see where they lead.  Many times it is a better path than where I thought it was going.........

Enjoy the Creative Process!
Have a sparkling day!


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Alice said...


I'm so embarrassed that I didn't write this note sooner. I saw all of your lovely jewelry in this Belle Armoire issue. Congratulations on getting featured in such an amazing magazine!

I hope you are doing well and keeping busy!