Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a day for reflection and honor for those we have lost in the numerous battles that have been fought for our freedom here & abroad.... To all of those men & women we salute you today & everyday for what you do.

I always love seeing the American flags everywhere on Memorial Day, it makes me smile to see our beautiful flag and know that everyone is remembering our servicemen & women!

Course Memorial Day is like our official kick-off for Summer too.......I thought I would share some more Northern Michigan pics that bring some smiles to my face and hopefully yours. This is one of the first sailboats on the water right outside the cottage........I love seeing the sailboats, so graceful, quiet and just gliding through the water like it was on glass. A geat way to spend a leisurely day, don't you think?

I love this little barn & how it has been painted with the chickens! Adorable....I can't help but smile everytime I drive past it. Could you???
One of our favorite cherry & fruit stands in Old Mission! They have maple syrup out right now but soon there will be quarts of fresh yummy cherries. I can't wait!!!!
This is the roof of a barn on the peninsula that they redid last year....Love the colorful stripes. I always know I am almost to the cottage when I see the colors of the roof when I come over the hilltop, off to the left as you are driving you can see the West Bay of Lake Michigan and cherry trees everywhere! Beautiful sight.......

Wishing everyone a very safe & blessed Memorial Day!

Red, White & Blue Sparkles!

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