Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Women Take Wing Feature

I am a charter member of a great group of women that you really need to get to know!
The group is called Women Take Wing and to say that they are a unique, talented, diverse group is quite the understatement!
They have been profiling all of the members for months now and there are some fantastic members as well as stories. You should check out the other profiles if you have the chance......So yours truly was profiled quite while back but thought I would share it with everyone in case you missed it well as take a moment to toot their horn a bit!

So here it is.........

Life's A Beach!

Posted Oct. 11, 2007

Women Take Wing! is pleased to feature our Charter Members.This is our chance to shine a spotlight on some remarkably inspiring & creative business women, who have taken flight with their dreams and are building businesses that reflect their values, talents, and passions in life. Their belief in themselves and their visions, combined with hard work and innovative thinking, bring them satisfaction each day as they pursue entrepreneurial success. They serve as inspirational beacons to women everywhere who feel a stirring to start a business of their own. We'll be featuring one Charter Member each Thursday. This week, we introduce you to beautiful jewelry designer June Beach...

Featured Charter Member: June Beach
Beach Haus Designs

Beach Haus Designs by June Beach is a fabulous collection of limited edition jewelry & accessories. Based in Michigan, but having grown up in the South, June tries to bring her Southern heritage to everything that she designs - as well as interesting perspectives on design and color combinations.

Beach Haus Designs is a unique company that is building its national reputation on unique, innovative and stylish designs. Selling from their website,, they reach retail customers on both a national & international level. In addition, June designs & sells exclusive wholesale jewelry collections to specialty boutiques, salons & galleries across the country. She is well known for designing custom one of a kind jewelry for weddings and special events via the June Beach Couture Collection.

June has worked as a successful designer, manager and buyers for apparel and accessories, as well as having worked with some of the country’s top retailers. This hands-on education helped to shape her design philosophy before launching Beach Haus Designs, The Bella Dog Boutique, the June Beach Couture Collection and soon to be launched, the Beach Princess Jewelry Collection for the little princess in your life.

June says “I truly hope that the women who wear our designs realize they are as artful, unique and one of a kind as the jewelry they wear. We can’t ask for a better gift than that to and from our treasured customers!” Beach Haus Designs jewelry - for all of the special moments in life.

Her influence exceeds fashion jewelry, too! Though it truly has no connection to her, June has been 'honored' here in Washington state, with a road named 'June Beach Road' on Whidbey Island!

Visit June’s Women Take Wing! Charter Member Bio page:

Visit June’s website:

Again please check out this fabulous group of ladies at Having started with just 14 charter members, they now have 42 members and growing daily! Members are from the USA & Canada but we are excited that we will soon have members from other parts of the world!

I love having my own street sign!!! I think that is just the cherry on the top of the cupcake, don't you!!!

Happy Beach Sparkles!


Gabriela said...


Love your new blog and your work, you have talent!
I would love placing a link to your blog in mine if you don't mind...

~ Gabriela ~

June Beach said...

Hi Gabriela!
Thanks for stopping by. I would be delighted if you added a link to my blog on yours. Your blog is fabulous! I love it!