Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Chicago Bound

Well, we are off to Chicago to visit family, friends, some stores & doing some sightseeing!!! We are hopping on a train to head to the Windy City. Little Assistant #1 is SO excited about the train ride she can't stand it.........should be fun since we normally drive or fly since Chicago isn't that far from us. Can't wait to take the little assistants for a day off to Shedd's Aquarium & to the top of the John Hancock building!

This should be a wonderful weekend especially since I spent tons of time yesterday trying to find a hotel downtown that wasn't a complete fortune, LOL!! I think there are 3+ conventions happening this weekend so there are not a lot of rooms left in the city. But the travel agent in me prevailed and found us a fabulous hotel right in the middle of the Magnificent Mile perfect for everything that we have planned to do. Ben was very impressed! LOL!!! The hotel that we both love the Palmer House was available but the pool is closed dice on this trip. Hopefully next time. I will post more about our trip when I get back. Keeping our fingers & toes crossed that the weather holds out for us!

Looking forward to hopefully seeing Ben's old roommate & college fraternity buddy as well as some family that lives in Chicagoland and of course checking out some the great boutiques in Bucktown as well as a few other neighborhoods. I can't wait to get over to Rush and check out what new restaurants that have popped up since I was there last......I have a couple of fav's that I love to visit.

I know, it's not down south where its already warm but it is Chicago. Can't tell I love this city can you? I would live there in a heartbeat, honestly! I lived there for about 3 months in a downtown apartment while I was training with a great company that I worked for some time back and really fell for the city in a big way. I just don't get over there as often as I would like, although maybe that will change in the future!

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