Saturday, April 5, 2008

Been Too Long

Whew! Just realized it has been much, much too long since I posted here! We have been really busy here at the Beach Studios with both Beach Haus Designs & The June Beach Collection......ok, ok, so we have been really busy with the new June Beach Collection to be totally honest.

Confetti Necklace

So here is a run down of what is happening at the Beach.......we now have 9 sales reps for our new line-The June Beach Collection. YIPPPEEE!!! So if you are in the New England area, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio or Florida drop us a line at and I will put you in touch with one of our wholesale reps- Janet, Jerry, Kak & her fabulous girls if you want to carry our sparkling collection of jewels in your store!

We have started on Collection II for the June Beach Collection and already as well as a special limited edition collection that we are doing for the summer! Can't wait! Also, working on a mini Beach Haus Designs catalog finally after being asked for years from our customers for one.......we'll let you know when it is done.

We just added a new fabulous store down in Florida, Julie's of Naples to our roster of sparkling stores that are carrying our collections. Looking forward to getting know Julie, her fabulous store & customers even better in the months ahead!

Ally at Keylime Clothing on Sanibel has been just rocking selling both Beach Haus Designs & the June Beach Collection. Ally is such a big cheerleader of ours & we Love her. No idea what we would do without her. We just designed a special piece for a silent auction that she is the chairperson for that is raising money for some wonderful organizations in the Fort Meyers area! She is such the mover & shaker!
Christy at the Black Swan is another of our fabulous stores and she is just dynamite! Such fabulous taste, wish I could buy all of the beautiful clothes that she buys for her store. Christy is one of our oldest & dearest customers. She has been selling Beach Haus Designs for over 5 years now! We are going to have to celebrate with a big trunk show party this year! What fun that will be for her, us and all of our loyal Black Swan customers! She is such a gem!

Happy Days Bracelet

So much is happening here......have some other new things in the works but can't let the cat out of the bag yet so you will just have to wait. We think it is going to be a fun and exciting year here at the Beach Studios!

We are also in the process of planning a Beach Party & Sale at the Beach Studios in Frankenmuth soon where you will be able to buy our sparkling jewels in person at our studio as well as one of kinds, limited editions, samples & some great clearance pieces! We are also going to invite some of our other creative friends to join us with their fabulous wares just to make it an even better day of shopping and friendship.

Flowers & Flip Flops

Ok so I think that little catch up will work till I can show off some pictures of the Beach Studios UpNorth! With the views of the water and beach it is so inspiring for many of our designs.......

Hoping you have a sparkling day!



New England Quilter said...

I love the colors you choose for your jewelry.


June Beach said...

Hi Amy! Thanks so much for stopping by and for the compliment on the colors! It is fun to use such happy colors in my jewelry.