Tuesday, January 29, 2008

First Days of Skiing...

So a bit of personal fun....Lauren learned to ski this past weekend! YIPPEEE....you see this is huge for a southern girl like myself. Since we didn't have snow and didn't really make trips out to Colorado during the winter months ( my mom is not big on the cold at all, actually my dad too, LOL!) so none of the three girls in my family ever learned. I took my first ski lesson in my 20's and I can tell you that I was terrified learning how to snow plow down the hills of Colorado although I have to admit I sorta of liked it despite being scared silly!!!!

So move forward now and I am determined that my two little assistants will both learn to ski so that they will love it and be able to enjoy winter so much more......course it doesn't help that we are driving distance to quite a few ski resorts!

Not sure who OOOh'd & Awwwww'd the most...me or Ben but we certainly did our share of taking pictures of our snow bunny getting on the lifts and coming down the bunny hill. We signed her up for a lesson & then found out that they don't want the parents anywhere near so that the child can focus and learn with the instructor. Smart move!!!!

It was lightly snowing and was just beautiful......Sydney loved playing in the snow for the first time. Such a good day!

Sparkling Snowflakes to you!


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FrenchGardenHouse said...

What fun! Can't wait to see a little picture of the assistants zooming in the snow!
xo Lidy