Friday, November 16, 2007

Strawberry & Vanilla

Oh to be three sweet little girl is just full of imagination & well sometimes drama galore, no idea where she gets that and she is only three, oh my!!!! She just brought me out of "her kitchen" pupcakes (that is what she calls cupcakes, how cute is that!) to eat. One "pupcake" she announced was lime and other one was not just vanilla but...... strawberry & vanilla! Adorable.

So got to thinking about how we look at everything as pretty much vanilla only to have a three year old point out that there are other fabulous favors like lime or that maybe we should combine an old favorite with another one thus creating vanilla & strawberry. No big revelations but just a simple reminder to keep with us throughout our days.

Our Monique Necklace, full of turquoise, purple briolettes and green freshwater pearls!

I am in love with purple this year and this necklace is so much more fabulous in person! You should just see how the crystal pendant just sparkles......

With that in mind I am anxious to get to the studio today and work on the new line that we are SO excited about!! Will tell more later but it will be filled with lots of sparklies and fun things.

Yesterday was the Holiday Gift Show at the beautiful Community House in Birmingham, MI. Such a wonderful show, great vendors, beautiful booths, fabulous customers! Love it! I have such a wonderful location and in a room with a gal that sells the most beautiful sweaters ( course then I have jewelry to help them accessorize), a another sweet little lady has the most adorable handcrafted hats....words do not do her hats justice and another mom like me that has some of the BEST chocolate bark, peppermint bark, etc that I have ever tasted......can I tell you how happy I was to be next to her last year when I was pregnant with Little Assistant #2, LOL!!! Chocolate & a pregnant women, needless to say that I never even looked at the sweaters but had eyes only for the chocolate. Love her company name.....Moms gone Nuts! She has a flavor that is called"Daddy doesn't diet" as well as my favorite is the Extra Rich Peppermint Back that is called Forget The Scales!!!Too Fun!!! Check her out at

Course everyone here is getting ready for the "Big Game" tomorrow at noon, the University of Michigan vs. Ohio State say my husband and friends are excited is a bit of an understatement.........LOL!! We are heading to Ann Arbor tomorrow to watch the game & tailgate with lots of wonderful friends, food, lots of fun and of course football!

Working on lots of new goodies that I am sure you will love......stay tuned I will post more this afternoon. Off to work on the Valentines Day & Easter designs for the new Southern Lady ad and chase down a crawling little assistant!

Have a sparkling Day!


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FrenchGardenHouse said...


All your designs are amazingly gorgeous! Just like your little one, and her "pupcakes"~ what a sweet story.

Xo Lidy