Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Happy Monday

Ok, so I didn't get the new pictures posted last week but here are a few to get the week off to a good start before I head to the studio!

Isn't this pink & green snowman just the cutest???

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, we did as we headed UpNorth to the cottage to get everything shut down for the winter........bummer. But we are looking forward to teaching our oldest daughter how to ski this winter, what fun that will be!

This one is called Animal Instinct........I LOVE this necklace......
hummmm....maybe I need to keep it, LOL! I say that about every other necklace!

Beautiful sunny day here in Frankenmuth! Leaves are falling, birds singing outside on the window. The cutest one was sitting there just watching me, looked like he was trying to figure out how to come inside and join us. For those of you who don't know much about Frankenmuth ( http://www.frankenmuth.com/) , we are a wonderful little German town tucked in Michigan. We have wonderful restaurants that have great chicken dinners and sides....people come from everywhere to eat at Bavarian Inn http://www.bavarianinn.com/( my father in law designed the Bavarian Inn so we are a bit biased to eating here, LOL) and its sister restaurant, Zehnders.

Venetian Santa Necklace

Also, the world's largest year round christmas store, Bronner's, www.bronners.com, is located here as well. Boy, you should see that place the day after Thanksgiving! So needless to say that the christmas decorations are up in force and we are all waiting for the candlewalk and tree lighting ceremonies next week! To call us " Christmas Town" is not an understatement at all........if you ever have the chance to visit...you should!

Monique Turquoise Necklace! Fabulous!!

Well! We have a few big things coming up......a new line, YIPPEEE as well as a BIG sale for all of our customers......can't wait to give you the details shortly.....

Till then......

Have a sparkling, wonderful day!


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BellaColle said...

Your necklaces are soo pretty! love the color choices.